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  1. Physical exercises are best suited for this, since this means that the blood flows more actively to the brain and it is more quickly saturated with oxygen. “In a healthy body – a healthy mind” is not just an old saying, but a really proven scientific fact: schoolchildren who did exercises before performing the test showed better results than in the case of no physical activity.
    It is not necessary to exhaust yourself after a hard day's work – just a twenty-minute warm-up is enough.�
    And the stress caused by increased activity when solving a problematic task can then be brought down by spending the rest of the evening at leisure.

  2. I think that the method of brain relaxation is different for each person. Among my acquaintances, there were such things: watching Dom-2 as a “human zoo”, sticking to Ukrainian TV shows (similar in some ways to the previous one), drawing, playing the guitar (piano) and much more. Personally, my brain relaxes very well with the help of movies (most of them are not stupid comedies, perhaps with a touch of melodrama) and walks with friends. Most likely, you just need to do something that does not bother you at all, and at the same time gives you pleasure (or at least makes you laugh, like the same Ukrainian programs).

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