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  1. In short, nothing. We are a prism that transmits a stream of light. We can increase our purity and reduce the distortion of light passing through us. So we can conditionally go up to a higher level and get the opportunity to interact with streams of a higher degree of purity, or go down to a conditional level below. It is impossible to jump all the steps at once and find out the truest truth and perceive some certainly real reality. This is a form of refusal to work, that is, a manifestation of the refusal of one's individual consciousness and the degree of available intelligence. If you can't do this job in the current reality, then you will be assigned to another one, which is simpler in terms of its degrees of expression. And you will again be surprised that your reality and your world is not what you expected. This is not an imperfection of the world itself, but it is definitely an imperfection of those who live in the world, projected onto this world and perceived in reflection.

  2. The truth about the world, about man, his condition, about his origin and his future, about the future of the world, about what is good and what is bad, about salvation and destruction, about righteousness and iniquity, about light and darkness, and so on and so forth, was brought by the Son of God, Christ. Explore His Revelation and Teaching and you will see the bottom line of everything.

  3. I don't know that.
    But it seems to me that there is nothing complicated in this.
    To begin with, it is enough to have an average knowledge of exact sciences. It is necessary to understand and recognize that all of humanity is just an accident. And people are nothing more than biological machines, all their actions, emotions, feelings are conditioned by something ( and my answer is due to raising self-esteem). And you are me, who only grew up in different conditions and with different initial data, and nothing would have changed if we had exchanged consciousness, because the brain would have remained in its place, and consciousness is something amorphous. The bottom line is that people, including you and me, are their brains, not what others think of themselves and not their bodies.
    Now to yourself, first it would not hurt to understand yourself very well, you also need to understand your desires, feelings, emotions and get away from self-deception. How do you know if you are self-deceived? It is enough to ask yourself questions like: “why am I doing this?”, ” why did I say that?””why am I thinking about this?”, etc.and if you can't answer at least one question in detail, you're probably deluding yourself.
    You also need to understand that there is no universal mind, magic, cosmic power, etc. Miracles do not happen, only what can happen happens.
    �This is as far as illusions are concerned.

    Bias disappears when there is absolutely no benefit to you in the question(physical, emotional, psychological, but lack of benefit does not mean lack of interest). My friend believes in God, because it is emotionally easier for her (it is profitable, her relatives do not rot in the ground, but live in paradise), but why then do I not believe, because it would also be easier for me, but no, it would not be, because I know that this is a lie, so there is no benefit for me in this, and after death
    If you doubt your own judgment and stop trying to prove anything to anyone, you will get rid of your own interpretations and instead of your own interpretations, you will say to others and yourself “I don't know that”. And no longer consciously, you start to assume, not assert.

    And when you look at the world without illusions, your own interpretation and bias, you will understand how limited a person is, and how limitless the world around him is!

  4. There is a contradiction in the question itself. Because the process of perception is the process of projecting the external world onto the internal one. In perception, a person cuts off those parts of the world that he is not able to understand, and leaves a small part that is relevant to himself, but objectively illusory. We only see what we are ready to see. The only way to bring your understanding of the world closer to reality is to train your senses and try to be more impartial, try not to evaluate the world from the position of your own desires and aversions. The world is bigger and more complex than all the words and thoughts that can fit in your head. Every time consciousness registers a phenomenon as absolutely accurate, it is necessary to shift the position of thinking in order to better understand this phenomenon. You can not fixate on the fact that 2+2=4, you need to shift your thinking to another system, in the ternary system 2+2=11, and so on. There will always be a depth of space for learning.

  5. Well, you do understand that the answers will include illusions and perceptions of the respondents? It's better to have your own interpretation, since there is one. In my understanding, for example, it would be unbiased not to take “personally” anything that is happening around us. Whether the “world” loves you, hates you, helps you, or “puts a stick in the wheel” – all this is not for you, these are personal cockroaches of the components of the world. Just like you, for example, move old ladies across the road, not because you have any personal sympathies for grannies – just because you, for example, are brought up like that. And the fact that you were brought up in this way, too, there were no calculations – “it turned out by itself”, this is the environment that was, so. I was already somewhere in the wrong steppe carried away. In general, just understand that everyone has their own motives for certain actions.

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