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  1. Paradise or not is just your setup.

    There is one very important fact.

    We all depend on something, it's stupid to resist it, but if possible, we need to reduce the degree of our dependence, strive for independence. And with all this striving, of course, that ineradicable part of addiction( we all somehow depend on temperature, the amount of oxygen, and so on) can be perceived as slavery.

    So I think the question is rather how not to perceive yourself as a slave.�

    Words follow actions, and actions follow words.

    So start acting like a person, because in my opinion, a person is definitely free, although he can choose to be enslaved, which is actually part of the essence of freedom. Look at what drives your actions. You, or other people, organizations, ideas, or motivations. Try to allow yourself to be moved, only by consciousness.�

    I think this is the main thing, and yet I repeat, everything is in your head. In the end, you can be the freest person on earth, it's just a matter of your perception.

  2. although you don't have the word faith, Christianity in your tags, but with your permission, I will answer: from the point of view of Christianity, slavery and freedom are closely related to the concept of sin and the concept of liberation from sin, with righteousness. Slavery is the presence of a person in sin, in darkness, in lies, in delusions/ Freedom, on the other hand, is a state characterized by being outside of all this. How is this achieved? Through the knowledge of the Truth.

    31 Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, ” If you continue in my word, then you are truly my disciples,
    32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
    33 They answered him: We are the seed of Abraham, and have never been slaves to anyone; how then do You say, You will be made free?
    34 And Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

  3. You need to respect yourself: don't let other people get in the way of your shit, just because they can, because they're your superiors, your spouse, or your parents. They do not have such a right, they attributed it to themselves, and many obediently accepted this position. If you depend on someone, it does not mean that he is your master and ruler. There is such a thing as self-esteem. Not to be confused with pride.�

    Of course, you can't just send everyone three letters at once. This only happens in movies. Otherwise, you will face an avalanche of consequences from such a rash decision. You need to act slowly but surely. Preferably immediately. There is such a trick that if you even once caved under someone, then it will be difficult to convince them of their own independence, to make them respect you. It is important to initially put (present) yourself correctly, then it will be easier in the future.

    People are afraid to do this, because this is the famous comfort zone. We are afraid of any changes, even those that seem like an obvious path to a better life. We love stability and predictability, no matter how deplorable it may be. It's easier this way, but only up to a certain point. Sooner or later, your patience will run out.

    Of course, if you are already up to your ears in shit, then just like that, one day you will wake up and tell yourself that now I will live differently, I will make sure that everyone will love and respect me-this is naive. Most likely, the process will be painful, not without scandals and a showdown. Well, what did you want if the situation is running? Nothing magically resolves itself. You need to take control of your life in your own hands.

    A very interesting and useful tip is to always have a plan for a rainy day, strong rear areas. Simply put, it can be a bank account or a person to whom you can turn in a difficult moment and he will not refuse. In life, there are often situations when you have a choice: either to remain a slave and” hack ” shit further, or to change something for the better. Many people choose the first option, including because they do not have a plan B. You should try to slowly get rid of dependence on other people, first of all material. We all live in a world of money. This cannot be taken away or changed in any way. It takes both courage and resources to make a difference. So go for it.

    If you don't like your job and it's clear that no matter how you look at it, it won't get any better, then instead of throwing beads in front of pigs, slowly make a straw for yourself – look for a new job, it's advisable not to change the awl for soap. Consider working for yourself, maybe you can monetize your hobby.

    You need to get rid of the destructive thinking that others have the right to behave with you as if you are their property. And, if with work still went far, then with personal relationships everything is much more complicated. That's where this nonsense about “enduring-falling in love”, “beats, then loves”, that “parents need to be loved no matter what they are”comes from? You won't get anywhere with this makar. Learn to give up on people who pull you down. And who said it would be easy. Not for nothing did Chekhov write that “drop by drop”.

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