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  1. Whenever you encounter a conspiracy theory, go into deep meditation for an hour, repeating the Okama Razor formula to yourself. And remember the main problem with any conspiracy – the more people involved in the conspiracy, the more likely it is that the conspiracy will simply be revealed and stop being a theory.

  2. A conspiracy theory (any one) is a hypothesis. Any hypothesis requires a comprehensive review and correctly asked questions to confirm or refute it. Test at least one theory for stability. Think about it: what in real life can refute this theory? what event? perhaps this is a reaction of ordinary people or an event that makes the theory absurd.�

    Let's look at an example. There is a theory that the collapse in oil prices was arranged by the Americans together with Saudi Arabia in order to shake the political stability of Russia. We don't know if this is true, but if we encounter data that makes the theory inconsistent and unverified, then we stop believing in it unconditionally. So in 2013, Barton Biggs published The Hedger's Diary, in which he recounts his 2012 conversation with a Saudi prince. The prince says the Saudis want to increase market share and will increase production to lower the price of oil to $ 60. Here we ask the question: could the United States have developed the insidious plan that it implemented in 2015, and at the same time spread about it in openly published literature? If so, then what about our “anti-conspiracy” committee, which for some reason did not react to this information in any way? In short, it becomes obvious that there were absolutely market processes that our government simply did not want to consider as probable, believing in eternal growth. One conspiracy theory has already been dispelled. This can be done with each one, if you approach the process critically and persistently search for different data.

  3. It will be much more useful if you apply your strength not to simply lose faith in some theories that you no longer like, but to develop critical thinking in principle. This will help you keep your mind clear of any such misconceptions in the future.

  4. IMHO If understanding conspiracies helps you make your life easier and expands your understanding of the world, then why do it? Maybe it's just HOW you feel about it in general. If the real thing is simply not able to take these theories calmly (it is also important to check the information methodologically), then you can take a break for a while, distance yourself from the sources associated with this with everything. And, perhaps, to focus on your mental state, maybe you need to better understand the cause of your worries. Good luck!

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