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  1. Take up 100% of your development time, then there will be no room for degradation;)

    This is a joke, of course, but as it happens, there is some truth in it. If your life is occupied with things that contribute to your degradation. Even if you only feel it (and it's not really that dramatic), you really need to fill it with things, events, and activities that will positively affect you.

    When we talk about “degradation” and “self-development” , we forget to specify. After all, the reasons are individual, and even the same activity can be useful in itself. But for one, this is the path to perfection. And for another, it may be the cause of stagnation.

    So I can give you the following advice. Make sure that there is less routine in your life. If you feel stagnation, and do not know how to get rid of it (or it is difficult to find the cause) – do something new that you have never done. This often helps you break the cycle and find the right direction in your life (even if the activity itself is no longer important after a while).

    Keep a close eye on your surroundings. Negative things in your home, among the people you interact with, at work, or even in the neighborhood or city where you are located can also lead to degradation. If you can find the cause of the problem here, it is better to “change the situation”.

    And finally, a banal tip, but effective. Try to learn something new every day. Read and study. You don't have to be a professional, but it helps you develop in a versatile way. And of course, do only what you really like. You need to get rid of junk not only in the house, but also in the shower. Anything that doesn't match you should go away. Do only what gets you fired up. Then you will always develop and move in the right direction.

  2. Why do you need to develop? Our whole life, every day, is a choice between development or degradation. And we choose according to our goals, priorities, and desires. If it is interesting to develop, it gives pleasure, satisfaction, inspires, we choose this path. And if it is difficult, difficult, unpleasant, scary, painful or boring, then the person moves away from development towards stagnation or degradation. When we understand our goals and desires, it is easier for us to choose development.

    There are situations when a person does not have the energy to develop. Then you need to figure out what exactly is bothering him. Any inactivity, laziness, apathy, or addiction has a specific reason (or several reasons) – physiological or psychological (or in combination).

    By consciously choosing development, we make ourselves and the world around us a little better.

  3. Depends on what you perceive as “degradation”. It's just that now some kind of cult of self-development is being aggressively imposed “without looking back”, the main postulate of which is that your day should be 100% filled only with activities, that you even need to sleep in a certain way in order to occupy more time with development. It does not take into account the fact that it is important not only to work, but also to be able to relax, and the fact that development itself is not a linear process: there are not only ups and downs, but also periods of rollback and stagnation, not to mention the individual characteristics of each person: both physiological and mental. From this radical position, in my opinion, any rest, any time spent not in the process of development is degradation.

    Also, this view can be imposed on you by people from the environment who tend to devalue your pastime, which simply does not fit into their picture of the world, for example. In the future, these views can be adopted by you, which will provoke just the same internal conflict, which, as it seems to me, is contained in the question. In the future, due to the profusely accumulated stress in this regard, it may not be far from neurotic processes.

    Understand one thing for yourself – you can choose any format of recreation that restores your strength and resources. Whether it's just spitting at the ceiling from the bed, or watching TV without a semantic load, reading comics, computer games, and anything else in the end (within the law, of course). If you don't cross the reasonable lines that lead to a socialization disorder, then no one should say a word to you. Such moments are important for our psyche. This does not define you as a person, but it allows you to cope with the accumulated stress, which is certainly important in order to maintain your mental health, pace of life, development, etc. It is important to learn how to skillfully combine periods of rest and development, otherwise it will not lead to anything good.

    If all of the above does not concern you, and you have already differentiated and evaluated everything, then look at how you are trying to develop. The very wording of the question leaves a sense of obligation, and this already provokes tension. In order not to go cuckoo, it is desirable that the development was for your pleasure. Choose the directions that you like and move along them already. Then the development process will be associated with a resource, and you will want to spend more time doing what you are interested in.

    If you like the areas of development that you have chosen and still do not want to do them, then look at the ways that you use to do this (or you still need to think a little more :D). Perhaps the format itself doesn't suit you (let's say you are an owl, but you persist in trying to do something in the morning).

    In any case, the occurrence of such questions is a reason to think about what you are doing wrong.

    aaaaa. Multibookup)

    Good luck to all 🙂

  4. To do this, you need to do something. In general, in life, to achieve something, you need to set goals for yourself and go to them. No one will come to your home and bring you knowledge, experience, skills, or money on a silver platter. You need to work on yourself, and do it systematically. If you want to start developing, you will have to act methodically:

    Stabilize what you have now. Regardless of whether you work or are still studying, you need to start doing your job as responsibly as possible. Even if it's a very routine activity – this is your base.

    * Make a clear plan. Set achievable goals. Do not strive for the impossible. It will definitely become real – but only after you work hard on yourself.

    Develop comprehensively. Choose your main activity and focus on it, but don't forget about self-development, entertainment, and hobbies.

    Do not forget about proper nutrition and healthy sleep. It is necessary to maintain your body if you want to confidently go to your goal and not be distracted by anything.

    Don't waste your time. Make your schedule so that you are constantly busy with something. Of course, sometimes you can afford a day of procrastination, but you need to be able to quickly get into the usual rhythm.

    Today, in order to develop, you don't need anything supernatural. You have access to the Internet-this is enough to gain enough knowledge in almost any industry.

  5. What does your condition look like?

    What you describe resembles depression.

    Roughly speaking, the press, if it lasts up to 2 weeks, depression-more than 2 weeks. Sadness is subjectively unpleasant to us, but it helps us to survive the loss, so sadness is not bad, it's normal. Depression is also subjectively unpleasant for us, but it harms us, and therefore it is bad.

    Some signs of depression include chronic fatigue, apathy, suicidal thoughts, and lack of interest in anything. Depression is often a signal that a person is doing something that his body does not like, and the body, feeling this violence, begins to go into waiting mode for an external event (miracle, salvation, love, death), while freezing all internal processes (interests, desires, internal organs).

    How does depression appear?

    Often, the childhood of such people is associated with a lack of praise and recognition, but with a lot of criticism and control, and sometimes domestic violence. As a result, they get into the habit of not hearing their real desires, but they are good at hearing what “needs to be done”, i.e. other people's desires. As a result , their consciousness will stop feeling emotions, because of this, a person begins to feel the meaninglessness of his life. Feel worthless, because I couldn't achieve a higher goal, and everything that I achieved doesn't matter for evaluating my significance.

    Correction of depressive behavior, as well as treatment of depression, is carried out by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists. Independently, you can only distract yourself for a while, learn how to anesthetize it (alcohol, drugs, workaholism, love addiction, risk-taking, etc.). Accordingly, choose the medicine depending on the goals. If you want a quick distraction – anesthetize, If you want to get rid of it for a long time-get treated.

    Depression is caused by the fact that a person does not know how to express their feelings, as a result, there is a lot of muscle tension and anxiety in the body, which prevents them from doing anything, and there is unbearable fatigue from this.

    Ways out of depression.

    Different psychologists have different ways to get out of depression, here is one of the well-known and guaranteed methods:

    increase the sensitivity of the body, where the senses live,

    learn to adequately identify your feelings,

    learn to adequately express your feelings,

    learn to have fun after expressing your feelings.

    As a result of such work, a person ceases to accumulate tension and instead of fatigue, satisfaction and relaxation appear.

  6. It doesn't work that way. Development and degradation are only possible derivatives of human activity. Only it can be stopped or started. Focus on the realization of your own needs, and along the way, you may acquire the necessary new personality traits and qualities, the necessary skills and abilities, knowledge, and social contacts. In a word, you will master the necessary tools. This will be development.
    Simply put , think about what you need, choose the main thing, draw up an action plan and a schedule for its implementation, and get started. Keep track of deadlines. Make adjustments and changes as necessary. And move on, to a satisfactory result for yourself.

  7. Degradation begins with inactivity. Find a hobby you like. Set a goal for yourself. Write your plans for the next week, month, or year. Write down your day for tomorrow. Fill all your free time with interesting activities. Think about what you haven't implemented yet. What would you like to learn? Engage in self-education. What do you see as your purpose? What useful books haven't you read yet? Believe me, if you complete your day productively, you will never have such questions. Just learn something new every day and your life will be amazing and happy for you. Good luck!

  8. Imagine that life is a big competition and competition in everything. Your opponents are trying to overtake you in everything and you should not give in to them, and in order not to give in to them, you need to become better, better than you were yesterday.

  9. The first “alarm bells” appear in everyday life and at work: the motivation to do something falls, nothing brings pleasure, there is no desire to develop professionally and learn new things.�

    Have you just arrived at work and already feel tired?

    Writing a report used to take half an hour, but now you spend about two hours on it?

    Have you forgotten your wallet at home and spent a lot of time looking for keys in a prominent place?

    All these signs can signal not only fatigue, but also deterioration of cognitive functions.

    To understand exactly which brain functions are failing, you can take various tests, including online. For example, the Wikium service offers introductory testing after registering on the site. It determines how well your main cognitive functions are developed — attention, memory, and thinking. Depending on the result, the service builds a personal training program on game cognitive simulators, which are based on scientific methods of brain research.

    To prevent or stop the degradation that has already begun, you need to work on yourself.

    Self-development is the process of learning new things, learning new skills, and expanding your horizons. No self-development will be effective if the cognitive functions of the brain are weak. The learning process is determined by neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to create new neural connections, which is an indicator of the quality of brain function. The stronger the neural connections and the more of them, the better the brain works. And by developing the brain, we accelerate the speed and criticality of mental operations.�

    Accordingly, people with more developed brains are more productive — they are faster and better at solving problems.

    In order to keep a clear mind, develop yourself and become a better person, there are many ways that we have known since childhood:�

    1. Reading books develops the brain best: expands vocabulary and stimulates verbal-logical thinking and memory, trains concentration of attention and visual-figurative thinking. Literature that reflects everyday and spiritual conflicts – usually Russian classics-develops critical thinking that allows you to sensibly assess life situations and make effective decisions. The school's literature program is perfect for this – read at least half an hour a day to keep your brain toned.

    2. Among the many puzzles, mathematical ones occupy a special place – solve Sudoku on the way to work, this will help turn on the brain, tune in to mental activity.

    3. Video games also help the brain if you play them correctly. Strategies and quests – games where you need to build game tactics and solve problems, help to keep your thinking in good shape. A short warm-up complete with the pleasure of the game process will be useful for cognitive functions: in addition to thinking, attention is especially involved. Just do not abuse games, hiding behind the development of the brain: one approach should allocate no more than an hour of time.

    4. A personal training program helps to develop each of the cognitive functions comprehensively and evenly. For example, an online serviceWikium will not only select an individual brain development plan for you, but will also adjust it depending on your progress. The service has more than 40 simulators in its arsenal, as well as the ability to compete with other users, which increases the motivation to develop more actively. Just 15 minutes at the beginning of the working day or before any mental activity will quickly bring the brain back to working order.
      For effective development, the most important thing is a developed brain.
      Start small and increase your workload gradually. You already have all the tools for this, and they are available in everyday life, plus they combine business with pleasure.

  10. 10 techniques to prevent the degradation of the mind.

    The most useful article by Danil Dekhkanov on how to prevent the freezing and degradation of the mind, because when you stop moving forward — you start moving back!

    Have you noticed that the older you get, the less willing you are to take on jobs that are unfamiliar to you or involve a lot of concentration and learning unfamiliar skills?

    Let me tell you a little secret. Reading your favorite newspapers (authors), working in a well-known specialty, using your native language and communicating with friends who understand you well, visiting your favorite restaurant, watching your favorite TV show… — all this, so beloved by all of us, leads to brain degradation.

    Your brain is a lazy bastard (like you), and therefore seeks to reduce the energy spent on a particular activity by creating a kind of” macros ” — programs that you execute according to templates.

    Biologist Richard Simon at the beginning of the penultimate century called these programs “engrams” — a physical habit or memory trace left by repeated exposure to a stimulus. Engrams can be represented as pathways that neurons “trample” in your brain, performing the same action. The longer we do it, the less energy our brain spends on it.

    Sometimes these paths turn into roads, and then even into autobahns, as for example, this Chinese man who collects a deck of cards faster than a robot:

    On the one hand, this is a great superpower — really, why spend extra energy to perform the same type of actions? However, the downside of this ability is a decrease in the plasticity of our brain.

    The fact is that the longer we use engrams, the less the basal ganglia in our brain work. Their main function is to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps neurons “cut through” new paths among the informational noise of our brain (approximately this is what you are doing now, after reading this sentence).

    Remember your way to work or college. If you travel on the same route for more than six months, your actions become so automatic that you can also perform other actions in parallel — read, listen to music, and answer emails. In your favorite restaurant, you don't have to squeeze out acetylcholine and think about what to take for lunch, you already know the entire menu by heart. Behind a fake smile of a friend, you will immediately recognize the alarm, and you will not need to strain to decipher these communication signals.

    It would seem that why change all this? Because our lives are a constant source of changes beyond our control. We have to adapt to most of them, and in this “chameleon race”, the one who survives faster than the others will change their color to match the color of the environment and will be able to creep closer to the insect (which is less and less during the crisis).

    You may be cut (as, for example, thousands of doctors were recently cut); the tasks of your department may change and you will be required to master new skills (and if you fail, you will be cut again); you will fall in love with a Chinese woman and want to learn the Dungan language spoken by her relatives, and so on.

    Therefore, the plasticity of the brain must be constantly maintained and trained. Imagine that your brain is concrete, which after a while will solidify.

    The image of” hardened ” brains will become clearer to you if you look at the majority of 70-year-olds who are not able to master the timer on a microwave oven, perceive everything new in hostility, perform similar actions for years (or reproduce thinking patterns). These “paths” in their heads turned into burrows and tunnels in the rocks, and it is almost impossible to” dig ” a passage to the next cave.

    Your task is to constantly mix this “mental mixture”, not to let it harden. As soon as we relax and start using engrams, some part of our brain hardens and we don't even notice it.
    What to do to stop brain degradation

    I have identified ten of the most simple, but quite effective, techniques:

    1. Watch yourself

    If you suddenly feel uncomfortable that something is wrong (for example, your favorite website has changed its design or your favorite yogurt has disappeared in the store), grab this feeling by the tail and start “unwinding” it. Why not try all the yogurts or start making your own?

    1. Don't reread books you've already read

    Don't review movies you've already watched. Yes, it's a very pleasant psychological feeling-to plunge into that cozy world, in the life of already familiar characters, no surprises, you already know the end and can enjoy the little things that you didn't notice the first time, having swallowed a book in an hour (or watched the season over the weekend). But at the same time, you take away the chance for new books and movies to reveal something fundamentally new to you, and you deprive your brain of forming alternative neural connections.

    1. Look for new routes

    Try to find new routes for the usual way home and back, find alternative shops, cinemas and other infrastructure points on the map of your life. This may take some extra time, but it can also bring some nice bonuses — for example, lower prices in stores or fewer people in the cinema.

    1. Search for new music

    If you are a music lover, there are tens of thousands of tracks on your iPod, and you think that your taste is very rich and diverse, then I hasten to disappoint you — most often we listen to 50-100 familiar tracks that are pleasant to us all for the same reasons — we have adapted to them, and our brain does not need to spend additional resources to process and comprehend them.

    There are several hundred thousand Internet radio stations in the world, and even if we switch to a new one every day, we still don't have enough time to listen to them all again.

    1. Look for new friends and acquaintances

    Yes, of course, it's great to have friends with whom it's nice to get together every Friday and discuss football or Beyonce's new dress. Psychologically more comfortable.

    But after all, most of us live in megacities, why limit your circle to 4-5 people, and most often chosen not by us, but “imposed” by circumstances — school, institute, work?

    The social tools embedded in us greatly influence our way of thinking, and sometimes it happens that we, under the influence of certain friends, change our point of view, set of interests, and sometimes even the type of activity.

    1. Have children

    Children are a permanent source of chaos and uncertainty in your life. They are living “concrete mixers” in your head, breaking all the patterns and redrawing your established routes in a new way.

    I have three sons of different ages who contribute something new every day with their questions, behavior, inquisitive mind and continuous experiments with everything around them. Before you know it, your mind will relax and you'll start thinking differently.

    If you can't have children yet, you can start with a dog. First of all, it requires a walk (and fresh air is good for the brain). Secondly, it involves you in involuntary communication with other dog lovers. And third, it can also become a source of chaos (mine, for example, when running after flies, does not pay much attention to obstacles that arise in its path).

    1. Stop criticizing

    “What a terrible design!”, ” How disgusting they made the denouement!”, “How uncomfortable it is to sit in these new chairs!” – these and millions of other Facebook messages, from the mouths of your colleagues and your own, are indicators of resistance to changes that have suddenly come to life. Changes that, most often, you can't change. Or you can, but with a lot of effort that isn't worth it. Agree, there are more interesting things to do than demand a book of complaints in a restaurant and write a slur on a boorish waiter?

    It is much more useful for your own development to accept these changes and motivate your brain to continue living in the new reality.

    Your dialogs should look something like this: “New menu? Great, otherwise the old dishes are already boring!”, ” New road repairs, do you need to look for a detour? Great, so in a month there will be no such potholes, and while the repair is underway, I will learn something new about this area!”, ” New operating system? Super! I now have a new entertaining quest-find the control panel!”

    1. Stop putting labels on people

    This is very convenient — instead of understanding the person, thinking about why he did this — give in to weakness and simply “brand” him, attaching him to one or another psychotype. Cheated on her husband? A whore! Drinking with friends? An alcoholic! Does he watch “Rain”? Belolentochnik!

    Each of us is under the influence, perhaps, even more pressure of life circumstances than the same Rodion Raskolnikov, but many find his reflections described by Dostoevsky interesting, and divorced neighbors with two children-something vulgar and not worthy of attention.

    1. Experiment with flavors

    Despite the fact that evolution has pushed our olfactory receptors into the background, odors still have a huge impact on us. And if you have a favorite eau de toilette that you haven't changed in years, then it's time to change it. And do it with some frequency.

    1. Learn foreign languages

    And you don't have to fall in love with a Chinese woman to do this, you can find other motivations related, for example, to professional interests or hobbies. Foreign words and related semantic fields often differ from your native language, and learning them is probably the most effective tool for training brain plasticity (especially if you move further away from the tourist vocabulary and delve into cultural features).

  11. Lately, I've noticed that the Internet and technology are sucking the life out of me.

    I noticed this when I went to my grandparents ' house and sat down to work at a desk that didn't have a computer.

    The first thing I felt was freedom.

    As a child who practically grew up with a computer, I know what it is.

    You come home, turn on the computer, as if this is the only way to relax and unwind in this life.

    You turn on the computer and you don't need anything else in this life.

    Your mind drifts around the Internet like a mindless pigeon flying from one branch to another.

    These technologies are the damn bait we've all eaten.

    We're wasting our time doing something cool.

    Our brains are being littered with junk, and it's time to stop it.

    Now you will make your mind crystal clear, like water in a mountain spring.

    You will work more productively and live a happier life.

    How to Clear Your Mind of Garbage and Work More Productively

    1. Get away from the computer

    I don't say “turn off the computer” because that doesn't work anymore.

    If it's around, you'll find an excuse to turn it on.

    You'll just keep staring at the black monitor because you're used to looking at it.

    The computer interferes even when it is turned off.

    You can ask me, ” Vlad, but you're writing this directly from your computer.”

    I agree – there is no other way.

    But what you don't know is that I spent several hours backstage thinking through this post in my notebook at a desk that didn't have a computer.

    Because the computer drains you of all your life energy, productivity, and creativity.

    You can do without a computer – do it.

    Sit down at a desk without a computer, and you will notice that your mind clears.

    You think more clearly and productively.

    As a harsh physicist would say, (don't read it if you're a girl and/or a humanist): the distance from a computer is inversely proportional to the clarity of your brain.

    2. Clear your news feed

    You go into a stupid public for the most complete degenerates, and you can't get out of it, just because you're wondering what will happen next.

    What other stupid picture will they post there?

    What other stupid meme was created?

    You think you can resist it.

    I only watch when I want to!

    So count how much time you've spent on total shit in the last month.

    I am a lot.

    But I spent 3-4 times more when I had a feed full of crappy memes.

    We are losing the war with the machines, and our minds are being filled with garbage.

    How to get rid of it?

    Clear your news feed.

    Unsubscribe, or hide all public posts to make it look like this:

    This is the first step towards the freedom of your mind.

    Without a news feed, you stop getting your phone out for nothing.

    You don't waste time mindlessly scrolling down on autopilot.

    3. Stop listening to negative people

    Negative people are a cross on your life.

    They know perfectly well why something can't be done.

    They know why your dream is doomed to fail.

    They know that you can't change the world even if you try hard.

    But these “experts” never know how to go for the best and believe in the best.

    They will spend their time trying to prove you wrong, to trample on your dream.

    But never to encourage and inspire you.

    One of the reasons I created this blog is to gather people around me who want to move towards something bigger and better.

    Sometimes it can be difficult.

    You are hindered by your past, your doubts, complexes, and insecurities.

    AND the LAST thing you want to hear from another person is that your dreams are crap, and you'd better do something proven and stable.

    You know what?


    You can play sports and look beautiful and sexy. Sports are important.

    You can move on to your dream, no matter who you are.

    I BELIEVE IN YOU, even if no one else does. And it makes me feel better.

    You can change yourself for the better. It's true. Otherwise, I would have remained that complex and weak boy who wears long hair to hide his big ears (it's funny to write now, it was a tragedy then).

    Great people say the same thing: “Try, try, persevere, persevere, strive – and you will succeed.” Open any business book like Donald Trump (he wrote cool books long before the presidency) or Napoleon Hill, and you'll see for yourself.

    You don't have to listen to some asshole who says, ” How are you going to do this? How will you do that? It's unrealistic.”

    You already know it's unrealistic.

    You already know you're going to have to dig through a lot of shit to come up with a dream.

    So don't waste your time with negative assholes and “smart people” and only listen to those who inspire you to do more.

    Or don't listen to anyone and just do it – it also works.

    5. Don't be interested in world events (don't watch the news)

    Each side wants to show you their own version of events.

    We will be shown one thing, in the West-another, but this is not the case at all.

    The fact is that if you think about what misfortunes regularly happen to others, then YOU will feel bad about YOUR life.

    You'll get more nervous.

    Your mind will be littered with information that you'll never know if it's true or not.

    My parents told me when I was 5, ” When you grow up, you'll understand why people watch the news.”

    Now I'm almost 23 and still don't understand why I need this.

    I live a happy life and move in the right direction.

    Every day – work on something. Without stopping.

    Why should I pay attention to things that might upset me or lower my mood and productivity?

    I must not. You, too.

    From now on, Dobby, you are free from the binding hand of the IMPORTANT WORLD AROUND you.

    There is no important world. Just you and what you do with your life.

    Answer my question, which is better: spend 100 hours studying the news, or devote one hour to working on yourself?

    What will you choose?

    100 hours of studying the news will give you absolutely nothing.

    But don't think it's obvious to older people – they're brainwashed.

    People old enough to be my parents told me I wasn't a person because I wasn't interested in the news.

    They are offended that not everyone falls for this bait.

    But in my spare time, I prefer to read Ayn Rand, Hemingway, or Heinlein – at least they don't hide the fact that their works are fiction.

    Don't watch the news – it's just garbage for your mind, which does not give you anything.

    THE ONLY thing that will happen to you is: “DON'T YOU KNOW ABOUT [insert another stupid infopod]?! WELL, YOU GIVE!”

    If you stop being even slightly interested in the world's news, you will free up your mind and be a more productive and happy person.

    If there is a war in the country, you will find out, don't worry: they will drag you out of your apartment, hand you a machine gun and let you go for cannon fodder.

    But before that happens, worry about yourself and where you're going.YOUR life is moving.

    6. Turn off push notifications and turn them to silent mode

    I'm not Pavlov's dog, are you?

    I think so, too.

    So put your damn phone away and don't take it out for at least a few hours.

    Look at the people around you.

    As soon as (if that ever happens) they shove the phone in his pocket, starts VIVISECTIONISTS and they (reflex) starts to emit saliva from the mouth.

    They run to get their phone out and don't put it away from their faces again until two in the morning.

    What about focusing on something?

    What about reading a book?

    Take up your craft?

    Think and reflect on your life?


    It is better to hold the phone in front of your face in the hope of getting a new message from an incomprehensible person.

    Why do you think people have more technology but are even more lost in life?

    Here's why: they can't spend a minute without a phone.

    If you want to become a free person, then put your phone in your bag and drive all the way from home to school/work without taking out your phone.

    Walk down the street and look people in the eye. Look at everything around you.

    Disconnect yourself from this fucking matrix to clear your mind of garbage and be more productive.

    7. Immerse yourself in silence and solitude

    Lost and aimless people are all afraid of two things: silence and loneliness.

    They need people around them.

    They need noise.

    Need a background.

    Because as soon as everything turns off , there is a great Nothingness.


    Just you and your demons.

    You learn to love yourself, you learn to recognize yourself, you learn to think.

    Instead of a thousand of my words, just immerse yourself in silence and solitude.

    And feel what happens to your mind.

    The road to a pure mind and an open heart was always before you – you were just afraid to go there.

    8. Read good books and blogs

    To keep your mind clean in the modern world, be careful where you get your information.

    Personally, my position is this: I read what people write.

    If the blog was created personally by a person(like mine), then I'll read it.

    Now every Internet agency is recruiting incompetents from the phil faculty, riveting second-rate articles.

    You read them, but they are increasingly misleading you. They have no life experience and no personality.

    Read blogs written by a person, not a team of content managers. They release content for the sake of content (shit).

    Read books.

    Yes, now in Russia there are problems with censorship, but the best, valuable and eternal knowledge will never be blocked.

    Everything you need is in the books, but you have to find your books.

    One of them can change your world, the other-just give a new perspective on life.

    When you read books, you immerse yourself in the world of the author. You clear your mind of the garbage of this world.

    I hope you'll use at least one of these ways to clear your mind and be more productive.

    Today you need to be more alert than ever, because it is very easy to become a mindless monkey jumping from phone to computer, from meme to meme, from video to video.

    Be a person with a head on your shoulders and a clear mind.

  12. First, you need to try to set goals for yourself that you would like to achieve. You can start your list with some non-significant goals, such as getting up at 7 in the morning, or eating porridge at 7:30. Then you can set higher goals, such as completely giving up TV (making vegetables out of people), reading at least 10 pages of some educational book (I would recommend Huxley and Orwell's books in this situation). After you get your mind in order, you can start with some physical exercises, such as charging in the morning or running. Well, as a result, you can start to study/work well, get people in the social circle who are charged with vital energy, and find some kind of hobby.

  13. Sorry, of course, it may seem stupid, but leave TheQuestion and if you don't close the Internet, then read popular science literature, fiction, and textbooks in it. Find a hobby, not only for the mind, but also for business, go get another education, and find a second interesting job, feel so busy that there was no time for social networks, there would be no time for degradation at all, but new skills and experience are fully provided.

    All the best)

    1. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.
    2. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.
    3. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.
    4. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.
    5. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.�
    6. Go ahead and do it) Don't put it off.
    7. And so on in a circle)
  14. There are only two states in life. If there is no development, then there is bound to be destruction. The third is not given. Even stocks can't stay at the same level for long. Sideways movement, horizontal movement, indicates passivity and uncertainty. The slide comes from delaying deadlines, half-hearted attempts. It is necessary to analyze, find the main vice – it is always one, others catch up with it. The reason for the reasons. It forms a bundle with two others for some mathematical reasons. It turns out to be a trinity, but not a holy one, but vice versa. For example, envy generates greed and short temper (an arbitrary situation). The only way is to stop hitting the first one. That is, enjoy the success of others. The main thing is not well-being, �(you can be deceived with this), but physically, literally. Really in words out loud. Without allowing negative expressions, they are well known to everyone. The point is to show the brain that this is not a temporary solution, but a final one. Oddly enough, the brain accepts a strong-willed message as an order from the owner. And very sensitive to fluctuations. It is impossible to control your feelings, but physical actions are within the power of everyone. And feelings are derived from thoughts.

  15. Read more. Start learning a foreign language. Learn something unusual (for example, typing blindly). Re-read the school curriculum. Naturally, spend less time in social networks. social networks. Communicate more with interesting people who can teach you something. Sign up for courses or watch training videos on YouTube.

    The main thing is to do what is interesting and useful to you.

  16. First you need to stop watching TV, from the word COMPLETELY. Then try to talk less. Ideally, use speech only for short answers to questions. If such a way of life becomes familiar to you, after a while your imagination will return to you and open up new roads for you.

  17. How to stop degrading?

    First, turn off the Internet.. the degradation process will immediately slow down..

    Get a job, at least as a janitor, and not sit on the “Q answers”

  18. Learn to think without complaints, insults and prohibitions.

    A claim is a dependency on someone else's action, a grudge is a dependency on someone else's opinion, a ban is a dependency on one's own stupidity.

    Then you will take personal responsibility for this World before you, and by taking your place in it, and this is physically the place of the power that rules this World and is real, not paper, not hierarchically parasitic like the gods, you will be able to develop, because you will have a goal for development and not just one. Development without a goal is not possible and they need a lot of very different levels and scales, otherwise you will simply be a collector of knowledge, experience, qualities, abilities, but you will not be able to implement any of this. This is if you think about pure physics, the laws of which society does not cancel.

  19. To dream! You need to dream and gradually realize your dreams.You need to start small first you need to come up with your own global and main goal! Come up with a deadline, break it down into tasks by month or week, and most importantly, go firmly to your goal.You can work in different ways,the main thing is to “catch fire” with business.And you can work in different ways, for example, if you are too lazy, you can turn to the” tomato technique ” or Pomodoro,which ,by the way, is often used in time management ,quite a cool thing,I use it myself when I am sooo lazy to do something.This is when you think about the task and start to solve it with “tomatoes”: 1 tomato =30 minutes, of which 5 minutes is a break in this way you don't really” bother ” and slowly move towards the goal.In general,you need to start small and move on to great things!Good luck)

  20. Either wait for a complete fall to the bottom, or voluntarily give your freedom of choice into the hands of another person who uses it for your benefit. Enter into relationships that will be more valuable to you than your attachments to matter – food, sleep, comfort, entertainment, etc. It can be a wife, a coach, some kind of sports coach, an interest group, etc. This will give the first push. Attachment is defeated by another more attractive attachment.

  21. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Surely you have in your mind a beautiful perfect day, a good car, an apartment, career success. Write your ideal life in three years, and then start reverse planning: what do you need to do in two years to reach the ideal future? What's next year? Reduce your planning to the scale of a month and a week, and you'll see that the plan is to get your ass off the couch today or not in time.

    Setting yourself small goals about reading a book and learning English doesn't work, because there's no big picture ahead. “I'll be the glue” and “I'm developing myself” hardly create a powerful enough image in your head, rather an abstract daub after an indefinite number of years.

    A clearer picture will help you set your priorities: perhaps to feel good and successful in 5 years, you don't need to read all the classical literature at all, but you want to learn a new programming language.

    Also, I would advise you to read what Smart Goals are. This is a method of planning that will help you clearly track the result based on the achieved/not achieved principle – less room for self-deception, more work on yourself.

  22. No way. I suggest the opposite approach: stop trying to develop, and start trying to degrade. You will see that it is very difficult to specifically degrade. However, this is just as difficult as specifically developing. Therefore, I believe that development (or degradation) should go from the inside out by itself without strain.

  23. To stop degrading and start developing, you need, oddly enough, to stop degrading and start developing. But seriously – what is degradation in your understanding? Do you drink? Find the strength and quit. Do something interesting. Are you depressed? Go to a psychologist, find like-minded clubs on the Internet, and just wander around entertainment sites, look for cool videos or pictures, and play games – this will help to distract and raise your mood. And when it becomes easier , you can do something useful, self-education, for example, learn a foreign language or learn some needlework (and crafts, by the way, can be sold quite well on the same Internet). The main thing here is to step over yourself, over your “I don't want to”. And then it will be easier. Everything depends on you.

  24. Self-development continuous work on yourself: to improve your skills and personal qualities. This is the process of revising and resetting your life goals in order to maximize your potential. The best result can be achieved if you practice each of the proposed methods of self-development, and do not stop at one. � � � � � � � � � ��1. Get rid of the garbage in your head. Over the course of life, we accumulate a lot of unnecessary things in ourselves: wrong attitudes, unhealthy habits, and someone else's way of thinking. This inevitably leads to the fact that a person begins to live a different life: he chooses the wrong profession, the wrong people. Create a notebook, write down your goals and desires in it, make a plan for their implementation, and mark what you have achieved. � � � � � � � � � � � � ��2. Start learning new knowledge. Don't think you won't succeed. Fears drag us down. When starting to acquire new knowledge and skills, imagine that you are already a professional — this will give you confidence. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �3. Fight laziness. Don't let laziness slow down your self-development! Understand that when your mind tells you to: “Let's do it tomorrow!”or “You're so tired, why bother, you'd better watch TV!”he's trying to trick you.� � � � � � � � � � � � � 4. Think in a positive way. Drive away every negative thought-just forbid yourself to think about the bad. You will see how the world around you will start to change for the better.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 5. Follow the ” art of small steps.” Do not take on an unaffordable burden. It is much easier and more efficient to divide it into small parts. *� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �6. Review your social circle.As much as possible, reduce communication with people who pull you down: whiners, gossips, and those who like to see negativity in everything. Focus on communicating with those who can teach you something, who are willing to share creative energy. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 7. Keep a diary. To keep track of the changes that are happening in your life, keep a diary. Write down your achievements, even the most insignificant ones, in it — this way you will see how the process of your self-development is going.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �8. Visualize it. More often, imagine in all the details what you most want. You can stick the images of your dreams on a piece of paper and hang them in a prominent place. This is a great way for personal self-development.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �9. Take care of your health. Don't limit yourself to spiritual self-development. Do not forget about spiritual development. In a healthy body, a healthy mind-strive for this! Healthy eating, exercising, and proper routines — make sure that all this becomes a part of your life.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �10. Live in the here and now.Learn to feel the moment. We are used to delving into the past or thinking in the future tense. And life is happening here and now! Be aware of the uniqueness of each moment — only in this way will you be able to experience the taste of life.

  25. To begin with, put out of your head the branded religion that tells us to “develop”, and if we do not do this, frightens us with hell (“degradation”) – and do something interesting and useful.

  26. Cognitive fitness is essential for maintaining and improving your mental abilities



    The Harvard Business Review published an article on cognitive fitness written by Roderick Gilkey and Clint Kilts. The authors of this review claim that new scientific research shows that brain training plays an important role in maintaining mental abilities for many years of life. Recent research suggests that your brain health doesn't just reflect your genetics and childhood experiences, as experts once believed; instead, your mental abilities “depend a lot” on your accumulated experiences in adulthood.

    Professors from Emory University's medical and business schools have developed recommendations on how you can improve your brain, strengthen neural connections, and strengthen mental abilities, such as the ability to remember, analyze, learn, and apply what you've learned, and thus prevent mental decline over time. Researchers believe that in order to maintain a healthy brain, it is necessary to conduct mental training.

    The authors describe four steps that you should follow to improve your cognitive abilities. They believe that it is necessary to understand how new experiences stimulate brain development. �You must �constantly load your brain, crave innovation and novelty. Scientists believe that your intellectual abilities largely depend on your lifestyle and accumulated experience.

    They recommend that you train your brain systematically, just as you train your body. Today, fMRI and other methods show that any action you perform affects a specific part or parts of the brain, thereby changing them. You must learn new skills not only directly by learning them, but also indirectly by observing other people.

    The next recommendation is to play games that stimulate mental activity. Experiments by American neurologist Jaak Pankappa have shown that games are a basic human need and a source of joy. Joy and other positive emotions are emotional energy that helps the brain expand the connections of neurons. Games help develop your imagination. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

    If a person experiences a new experience, “the brain starts a search engine, it tries to connect” the unknown with something already known, which ” allow it to differentiate and organize a huge amount of data. A person should strive for novelty, and this should become his way of life. Every time a person looks at the world and sees it in a new way, they train the parts of the brain that are responsible for cognitive novelty. With experience, new knowledge moves to parts of the brain associated with storing accumulated patterns, and then the brain manages this knowledge, uses it. The more new experiences you get, the more new models become available for daily use.

    Therefore, you should develop your mental abilities by practicing cognitive fitness; this will help you become more creative and see new ideas and unusual perspectives. You must become the master gardener of your neural networks. This will improve your ability to change your behavior, and as a result, you will be able to achieve your goals.

    A source:



  27. The question is akin to .( or is there one? ) to the following: how to recover from alcoholism, drug addiction? Without a change in living conditions for the better, of course, if you have the desire that the person of interest has, you can not get rid of such a disease.
    There is only one thing left: try to hold on and resist it, degradation-disease, with all your might. All of these tips posted here are amateurish at best, or downright childish and sanctimonious.
    Only chance or unselfish, material and labor outside help, as I mentioned above, can help out. But you should not hope for this – the probability of this is 0.1 percent. True, once in my life I met with such a fact.

  28. Read, read, and read again. The main thing is to force yourself to start, then you will get into a rut. On the way, you can watch YouTube with training videos. More and more is stored in the memory, it improves.

  29. The eye cannot see itself. In your case, you need a developer, and you need something that is being developed. As a result, we have a split personality, an inferiority complex, and a desire to improve the creation of nature.�

    Therefore, the very idea of self-development is speculative and ignorant in essence. And the idea of exploitativeness speaks of the inferiority complex of the individual. Everything that exists in this universe is perfect and self-sufficient, from the smallest atom to a huge star. There is nothing superfluous in this world, neither a contagious virus, nor a bloodthirsty flea. Everything is perfectly balanced here.

    The only ripples on this water are created by our restless mind, which is trying to fix what is working, and rebuild this perfect world according to its understanding and representation, to make it even better, even more perfect, even more majestic. You are perfect, and there is no flaw in you. Everything you need is already given from above – you have it all.

  30. It seems to me that first you need to realize that there is no such thing as”self-development”.�

    What do we usually imagine when we talk about self-development? That we'll read a bunch of books to show off our wits to our friends. That we will learn English and immediately get a raise to our salary. That we'll pump up our abs, and the girls will be chasing us covetously.

    How it will actually happen: quotes from Georg Hegel, read after working so hard and cursed three hundred times, will not go very well in the company of friends who have not read Hegel and are not interested in philosophy. They will also laugh.

    From the cashier to the manager of the hall in McDonald's, they will promote a guy who does not know English, but a more responsible and compliant dude, because in the mcdachk, this English fuck of yours did not give up to anyone.

    The same dice obtained as a result of grueling training, of course, will add a few points to your attractiveness piggy bank, but the result will be less than expected by about a couple of orders of magnitude. And the girl you like, for the sake of whose attention everything was started, will start dating a slightly pot-bellied / dryish guy, because he jokes coolly. Well, or sincerely loves, and is not afraid to admit it. Well, or he's stupidly richer, anything can happen.

    It seems to me that a person, in principle, first of all, has few opportunities for long-term planning (well, I personally find it boring). Plan your life for three years ahead and subordinate everything to some goal? What kind of colossal motivation is needed? No one has one, almost no one. And when I remembered myself – all the best things in my life happened by accident – I was just seizing the moment.

    Secondly, almost always a person who has taken care of “self-development” has a problem with self-flagellation, and a problem with imposed ideals. There are, as it were, two “subpersonalities”. One says: “It would be cool to learn to draw, I will draw like a Great Artist and everyone will admire me.” The other one says: “Did you fall from an oak tree? I'm here picking cheeseburgers, I've got a day's shift on Pluto, I'm dying, I'll have to draw, and what makes you think you'll be admired? The game is not worth the candle.” The problem is that since childhood we have been taught to forget about the second dude, and we stop understanding and hearing him, even though he says absolutely the right things. So it turns out-we hear about some artist that everyone admires. We have pictures in our heads that he gets a lot of recognition, we want to do the same, but we sort of skip this moment, and deceive ourselves that we are really interested in drawing. The second dude starts sabotaging us with laziness, and we finally suck all our strength out of ourselves with self-flagellation.

    The second dude should be listened to and protected. You can make a small list of things, as I see it all.
    1) At some stage of life, it is absolutely normal to be lazy and let everything take its course. “Degrade”, using the expression from the question
    2) If you have an idea for a new activity, it is useful to ask yourself about the motives. Do we want to draw, or do we want recognition through drawing? If the latter is the case, you can think about getting recognition through the activities that we will be interested in by themselves.
    3) By the way, problems with laziness and procrastination will not occur only when you are engaged in a business that directly brings you satisfaction, or indirectly gives you either a vital resource, or a lot of just an important resource (money, for example).
    (this point is false, laziness and procrastination will be, just only in this case they can be overcome by will)
    Any new activity is a huge waste of energy. You won't last long without a decent reward.
    4) The first dude really doesn't understand that even if you develop very much in some activity, you may not get the desired resource. You can draw beautifully, and you will still be known and adored by one and a half people. This is a question about English and McDuck. By the way, the second dude understands this, but you need to be able to listen to him.
    5) There are no objective criteria for “development”. A person has the right not to reproach himself for not wanting to read books or for wanting to see Dom-2. And it can perfectly live at the same time, using its strengths. In my mind, the answer to your question is “no way”. You can't develop personal qualities. You can only move from one set of qualities and states to another. Perhaps more harmonious, or better suited to the new conditions of life.

  31. Listen, first of all, what is personal development for you?

    What is degradation to you?�

    What kind of person do you want to become?

    You must first answer these questions honestly. You might actually be fine with it, otherwise you'd know exactly what to do.�

    If you don't have enough motivation, and you can't change your usual day, then this is only your problem and only you can get out of this circle. Otherwise stay in it and die

  32. They say that to climb, you must first touch the bottom, then you will rise by inertia, and so sooner or later you will begin to realize that you are lagging behind (if the environment is not degraded, of course). So as a conclusion, we need to change the environment to one where people strive for something and are interested in something. You willy – nilly will try to match. Then start setting tasks and performing them in small portions but regularly, and this is already time management, implement a to-do list of 10 things to do the next day and arrange things in descending order of difficulty, first the most difficult. And here you will build a personality within yourself, first of all you need to learn to think, and for this you need to develop critical thinking, always say :”no”, and then think and justify it, I saw this from a friend, it helps him in everything and everywhere to beat out the best conditions in the end.

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