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  1. Maybe you are really out of place in life. And you are not alone in this. Those who sit at the cash register in Pyaterochka, wash dishes in a restaurant, clean up garbage, carry furniture to the truck shop, drive a car to Yandex. taxi, deliver spam to mailboxes, dig ditches, and all this for a pittance – they are also completely out of place and would like at least a little better! And the state is also trying to deprive them of even their pensions, so that they would die at the cash register or in the gutter, or simply die from stress, hunger, and the diseases that have rolled up.

    I'll give you some on-call advice! At least force yourself to get enough sleep. Always, daily and fully. This will greatly help in the fight against depression. Otherwise, you may have been given a good answer above. You can't say better.

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