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  1. I understand this situation perfectly, because I know it from my own experience. When you really suffer from sharing information with someone, then the desire to do it again will disappear by itself. But the danger is that a lot of unnecessary fears will be developed, which will begin to interfere with living and communicating.

    Perhaps the best way is not to stop sharing events from your life, but to share it with those people who will not speculate on this information and turn it against you. If you still need to communicate with those who are used to doing this, then you need to cut down on the root of attempts to advise you, teach you life, etc.

    I recently saw a great quote on the topic, but I don't know the author:

    “Doctors ask where it hurts and put pressure on it. By the way, it's not just doctors who do this.”

  2. This is how it should start to work out when you realize that it really brings inconvenience. Another option is to start reprimanding any one person whom you trust more than others – in general, ideally it can be a psychologist. There is also the option of keeping diaries, but in my practice, this does not help so much. Well, an option for fans of logical conclusions and analysis is to understand exactly why we want to do this, what prevents us specifically in our cases, options for resolving the situation, tests/adjustments, and sooner or later we will solve this issue.

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