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  1. how to stop thinking stereotypically?

    I answered a similar question https://thequestion.ru/questions/193977/answer-anchor/answer/285165#/
    “Frames” there and “stereotypes” here are one-order phenomena, so I will reproduce my answer without changes:

    Not the technology that is desired in the question, but the methodology:�

    1. “Theoretically” (through learning) to realize the existence of such frameworks, their implication in the” matter ” of life. See their diversity and contradictory connectedness.�

    2. It is “ethical” to accept the need for such a framework for most situations in your daily life.�

    3. Practically learn not only to live “within the framework “(where without it), but also through the framework; without violating them, to extract the available benefits from their use. Manage not to fall into utilitarianism and duplicity.�

    4. Understand the conditionality and limits of the applicability of such frameworks through an analysis of your own experience (successes and failures). Get out of your comfort zone, practice living “on the border” (not necessarily the life of a marginal person) in relation to situations that require non-trivial decisions and actions.

    5. Manage to go “beyond” and “out of yourself” in this way, without “slamming the door”, to preserve the ability of free movement “there” and”from there”.

    6. Maintain interest and respect for life (whether your own or someone else's) in which there is a framework; do not lose pleasure (do not get used to) from the experience of consciously or practically overcoming the framework.�

    And to start with a simple one: for example, to understand the scope of the language; to know and use its capabilities competently; to learn not just to express your desire to get some knowledge (information) through language, but to ask questions in the language of those who have this knowledge … �

    Good luck! 😉

  2. Stop thinking with someone else's head. Try to put aside all previous thoughts and take a fresh look at some situations. It's not a fact that your opinion doesn't match the stereotypical one, but now it's yours. Decide on your outlook on life and your life policy. It's not just a “snap of the finger” and that's it, you don't think in stereotypes anymore. This is a long work on your head and inner world.

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