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  1. How true is the statement: “who laughs a lot, cries a lot”? How do I explain this?

    I think that's true.

    “one gloomy stranger came to the doctor to consult about his heart. The doctor advised him to cheer up by attending a concert of the great comic actor of our time.
    “You should go and listen to Matthews. It will do you good.”
    Alas, sir,” was the reply, ” I am the Matthews.”

    How can I explain it? In my opinion, it is very simple – crying is a bitter result of a person's wrong reaction to being. I'm not saying now that joy, fun and laughter are definitely bad. No, they should have a place in a person's life, but it is bad when a person looks only for these emotions in his life and puts them at the forefront..Then he begins to laugh already where it is not funny at all and his view of life and life aspects becomes crooked and perverted and this sooner or later leads him to the “pit” of delusions and tears are the natural result of such a path.

  2. For example, like this. An emotional person often cannot (or does not consider it necessary) to hide both positive and negative feelings. How good this is for him and others is a separate question.

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