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  1. Love is when before you didn't like to kiss and touch a man, but now you “hang on to him like a girl”. When I went on electric trains a couple of times in my life, and with him I'm ready to go in the most terrible. When you do not demand from him, but like to give him happiness, joy, attention. When you want to give gifts for no reason. When you want to have children with him).

  2. Love inspires and gives a feeling of omnipotence, adrenaline and a lot of energy, there is no one more precious than this person and next to him no one else and nothing matters, from the proximity of 100% endorphin and happiness, even just looking into the eyes or holding your hand and already demolishes the tower, it's hot and warm and cozy like in a hot bath or a warm bed in the rain, there is no awkward silence, because it is filled with your general energy, unreal cosmic spiritual uplift, you feel like flying. Falling in love turns into love when you know the person well. It seems irreplaceable.
    As already noted here, you love everyone, everything seems feasible and you will achieve everything, everyday life is not able to kill love, because the hunt to do everything together or find harmony, the desire is born not only to Take, but also to Give, cares, give tenderness, be attentive to a loved one, feel empathy when he feels bad, feel this pain, want to comfort and do everything Love is like a drug, like an antibiotic. It gives birth to a lot of good qualities, impulses to apologize for some trifle do not burden, these desires are like a kiss, impulses to care and Give and feel the joy of Giving. But there is also a downside: a broken heart can take a long time to collect, so some are afraid of it, and many do not believe it and did not feel it. And in addition to good qualities, others can be born in an offended heart. But if you feel this mixture of emotions, simple physical interest will no longer impress, alas. Love is not all that a person needs, but without it, everything else makes no sense.
    So I read it and really write like under mushrooms, but it was love.

  3. Here, no answer describes love, only falling in love. Falling in love is a physiological and chemical response of the body to the presence of a suitable sexual partner for procreation.

    Love is being, light. And to love is a conscious choice of a person to put someone in the area of their attention and care. When you have something that you give to those who love you, without having any expectations in return. Only mature, self-sufficient, mentally healthy people can love. All the others, demanding egoists, pursuing their own, and constantly disappointed in other people.

  4. I fell in love only unrequited, mutual yet not necessary.
    To love is to choose another person with your heart, to prefer him to everyone else. It seems to be the only one, priceless . It seems that if he chose you as you did him, would love you, would come to your paradise, golden time. This is, of course, an illusion, an obsession, but very sweet.

  5. Yes, it is not possible to describe it in words, you can only live it, feel it, join it, become a part of it..

    You can read books, novels in which the authors are masters of their craft and describe everything in a way that takes your breath away, but this cannot be compared with the real feeling that penetrates you and nourishes every second of your existence.

    You can experience an incredible celebration, joy from some phenomena, events, but the feeling of love gives a CONSTANT sense of what is happening.

  6. Love is everything !!! When you love-everything seems beautiful you fly ! You love everyone – and a loved one and a person you used to hate and a street puppy in the yard and all your enemies condescendingly forgive some offenses Cleaning the house ? Energy overflows – 5 minutes and cleanliness ! No probably this feeling can't be described ! It is necessary to experience and also the feeling of boundless tenderness for a loved one……. Without love – emptiness ……

  7. This is the most beautiful feeling that a person can experience – the feeling of love.

    Unfortunately, not all people know how to love, there are so-called “cold hearts” who are not subject to this feeling, and I feel very sorry for them..

    After all, it is in the state of falling in love that a person's life is filled with MEANING, he clearly realizes that he LIVES, and does not exist. It is not for nothing that they say: “He who did not love, did not live.”

    My symbolic perception of love is such that a delicate flower grows in the soul of each of us. Having fallen in love, a person begins to feel how this beautiful bud opens, filling everything around with its intoxicating aroma (many compare this feeling to soaring butterflies in the stomach).�

    The soul becomes so warm that even with sleep, this feeling does not leave a person. The warmth envelops his whole interior and gives him a lot of energy – a person may not eat or sleep for a long time, but he will still be cheerful, happy and ready for new feats for the sake of his beloved (s).�

    In addition to warmth, there is a feeling of deep tenderness lying on the soul, which seeks its WAY out in the form of a confession of its feelings to the chosen one(tse) (BUT this should be resorted to if there are hints of reciprocity, so as not to end up in a stupid rejected position).

    It is surprising that when a person is in love, he does not notice the shortcomings of the beloved(s) or often simply does not want to see them, but rather will take them as small advantages or justify everything in the world to him(her). The phrase “A loving woman is the best lawyer” pops up in my head.

    The mind is consumed by thoughts of how to please a loved one. The chosen one (ca) comes first. There is no place for selfishness in love.

    A person in love is pierced by a sharp sense of happiness, SUCH that “you can't hide from it, you can't hide from it – it will overtake you!”. This feeling simply overwhelms the soul that I want to share it with the whole wide world, I want everyone to experience THIS great happiness of LOVING. As the song says :” When you are happy yourself, share your happiness with others!”.

    Love and be loved, and let it be mutual! 🙂

  8. In answering this question, I would like to start with a quote from A. S. Pushkin's Eugene Onegin:

    “In love, being considered disabled,

    Onegin listened with an important air”

    Of course, physical (and hence spiritual, spiritual) disability is different – complete, partial, from birth, as a result of certain force majeure moments in the fate of a certain person.

    In any case, we can talk about a certain “disability” of the feeling of love. But based on communication with people for 7 years that I have been engaged in the philosophy of love and on the basis of research on the chemistry and physiology of love (see: d/f “Secrets of Love”, Russia; 2009), there is no such person who did not love at all.

    If the above question arises, then most likely – (its subtext) 99.9999% of this means that the person has not experienced this or that type of love relationship – often, of course, love for a person of the opposite sex. Although, of course, it can also be a question of love for God, for those or other people who surround us.

    Therefore, with philosophical (yes, and not only, but even with natural science) t. z. – you can answer this question only in artistic tones and images.

    A person cannot help but love, because he is a lover, and as one of the elders was once asked: “What can't the devil do?”

    To which the abba replied: “Love and humble yourself.”

    Therefore, the question asked becomes meaningless, since a person is doomed to love.

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