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  1. Under Rammstein, with an epitaph written in some programming language and lowering the coffin after the Git Push command. Well, so that the wake was a fun party, where they remembered all my antics and jokes, and did not grieve that I left this world

  2. Cremation. Then my ashes should be placed in a special Lego man with a sealed compartment. This cavity should be placed in the ” body “in such a way that you can easily change the multi-colored” legs “and”hands”. True, Taurus will always have one suit, but that's okay, at least you can wear raincoats.�
    And those who will keep this little man need to build new houses and cars (especially cars, racing), so that I-Lego does not get bored!

    If no one agrees, then I will give the body to science-let it benefit

  3. I've decided on cremation. No expenses for a coffin, a place in cemeteries (which then after 10-20 years will be sold again for burial), etc. You can even not scatter the ashes, and at the dacha (if it is already privatized) make a small cellar for these urns. A little pointless, but then you can keep a manuscript about each deceased person for future generations.
    Although for the sake of honesty, I would like to be able to do something useful with my body: tests, maybe some experiments… If I manage to die young, then I can give my organs to someone good for transplantation.
    And as for the funeral… then I would not want any mourning, 9, 40 days, etc. It is enough that someone will remember me as a good person, and they will remember me with warmth, and not push boilerplate speeches over my deceased body. Let all those who loved me, all those I loved, sit comfortably and eat together, create a lamp atmosphere around them. Other than that, I don't need anything else.

  4. I definitely don't want my funeral to be held according to the Orthodox canons: with the funeral service of the coffin in the house, with commemorations, crosses, vodka. After all, it's all so expensive and pointless, people spend extra money on a good coffin, sometimes they borrow from others, just so that only others can see it. I can't understand it.
    And this is a strange phenomenon of commemorations, which we still have from pagan times. After all, in the end, people just get drunk. The deceased and the grief over his death goes into the background, when long-separated relatives begin to remember stories that are completely unrelated to the deceased. This is terrible, for me it trivializes the funeral process itself.

    I want to see my funeral like this: that there would be only my closest people who really cared about my death. I would like them to remember different situations related to me, so that this day will not be forgotten for them after a while. After all, we all want and strive to ensure that we are not forgotten.

  5. I wouldn't want to be able to see my funeral at all, but I'd rather be dead by now. (Imagine that you were buried alive) (I know that the author expected a different answer to the question, but we can answer it this way) (Honestly, it's very difficult to finish 140 characters)

  6. When you come to the cemetery, there are a lot of abandoned graves around. I don't think these people were completely alone. It's just that time always takes its toll. And these crosses are peeling off, and the weed near the monument … �I would not want to be buried in the standard way. Really better – to the ashes. And you don't need it like in the movies, everyone is standing by your bed, and you are coughing- “one third over the Pacific Ocean, one over the Atlantic, and one – keep it for seven centuries” Just don't want the body to rot and the ground from above is overgrown with thorns (

  7. I take my death lightly, but for some reason I take the funeral more seriously, probably for the same reasons that I don't want a coffin, a wake, ugly wreaths, and that's all. In short, I prepared myself. I told my friends in advance that I want to be cremated after my death. More recently, I learned about the development of the Spanish designer Martin Azua, who invented a special biaurna in which you can put ashes, and then grow a tree from it. You can still choose what kind of tree in your lifetime. I want to be a fig, so here) After all, you will agree that it is much more pleasant if cemeteries are groves where you can slowly walk around thinking about the eternal and inhaling the oxygen released by a loved one. By the way, the music that my friends will dig the ground for, planting a tree and remembering our best carousals, I also already chose.�

    PS I certainly hope that it will be in 50-60 years, so all the plans for my funeral may still change, suddenly cloning or something else will come up by that time:)

  8. My ashes are taken out of the crematorium in an instant coffee jar and scattered in the first deserted place they come across, because my burned remains don't care where they end up.

  9. I want all the organs that can be taken out of my body and put to work, to be taken out and put to work to restore a still living person. The rest should be cremated (although I recently learned that cremation is not such an eco-friendly way to get rid of a corpse:( ), and use the ashes as fertilizer in some garden.

  10. Well, something like that… A sea of people, a voice from the crowd

    “Are you sure he's dead?” Maybe all the same control in the head?

    “Thank God for that! Got rid of it!

    Priest (c)- rest the soul of your servant… Oh, nah…(crossing himself about to leave)

    (Crowd turning pop back around)- well, no, three nights of funerals, that's for sure!

    (c) – fear God! I'll have to re-consecrate the church later!

    • can we fill it with concrete? Lead in and around the 30km exclusion zone?

    • we've already tried it, tied them to a rocket, fluttered their ashes in the wind, and drowned them in the Mariana Trench – all for no good reason, the infection comes to life again in the morning…

  11. If I die young, I'd like to have my organs taken apart and the rest burned. Cremation is better in old age, of course.

    Well, instead of a wake – a non-alcoholic party with dancing for my friends. Annual alcohol-free dance party.

  12. It will be on a river tram traveling along the Neva River. On the deck will be a boat with my body, filled with coniferous branches. The orchestra will play jazz, the table will be set a la buffet. The guests will be dressed in skeletal costumes (a funeral after all), they will eat, drink, dance, and generally be happy that I went to the land of eternal hunting. Then everyone will stand around the boat and everyone will have to tell something bright and good about me. At the end, the boat will be lowered into the water, set on fire, and they will stand for a long time waving colorful handkerchiefs after me.

  13. I don't need them. Cremation and dispersal are quite sufficient, although I understand that this is not necessary either. But you have to get rid of the corpse somewhere, otherwise it will interfere with your life.

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