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  1. A living person always reacts to changes in the external environment emotionally (emotion is the body's reaction to any change in the external environment).

    Behavior, words, gestures of friends – buddies – these are changes that our body reacts to.

    And there is a concept: emotional vulnerability and emotional stability. Is it probably important for you to become more resilient?

    You talk about relationships with people you care about. Alas, they are the ones who make it especially painful, because it is precisely how close we are that our loved ones know us especially well.

    In order to become emotionally stable, it makes sense:

    Realize what words particularly hurt you (it concerns your appearance, abilities, character, intelligence)?

    You will develop one or more of the most vulnerable areas.

    There is a high probability that you feel insecure in these areas, you don't like it in yourself, or someone once explained to you that it is bad in you.

    And when you realize, see these vulnerabilities, you will understand what to do with it: with something you should just agree “yes, I am like this, I am designed like this”;

    you will have to agree on something with yourself “yes, others condemn it, but still, I will continue to behave like this”;

    something worth working on, adjusting your behavior or reactions to.

    The better you get to know yourself, the less opportunities your friends and family have to touch your “sick” topic and cause offense.

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  2. Because what these people say and do doesn't suit you, it just annoys you. And if your family and friends annoy you, answer the question yourself: are they really close to you?

    If you are not dependent on them, you can communicate with them as you see fit. If you have this irritation, you need to express it in some way. Tell them what exactly annoys you or don't communicate at all. But something prevents you from expressing yourself. So?

    The fact is that many people from childhood are inspired with the idea that without mom, dad and other relatives you will not survive. This is relevant for children, but hinders in adulthood. If you can be financially independent of them now, then you are psychologically dependent on them.

    You need to break this addiction and become a self-made decision maker.

  3. Learn not to get annoyed, everything is in your head. it's you who get annoyed, not them who annoy you, your emotions and feelings are your responsibility, if you can't control yourself, then others do it, or Mother nature with her instincts and drives. There are different techniques and concepts of how to manage your emotions and feelings – where to get them: books courses individual psychotherapy.

  4. I don't quite agree with the previous author's answer.

    Drop deeper.

    If you are annoyed by your family and friends, then this irritation could not have come from the sky? This doesn't happen. Every negative feeling is a consequence of something.

    Usually, anger towards loved ones appears when they:

    • They violate your personal space

    • Manipulating you

    • Or directly / indirectly (passive aggression) hurt.�

    Well, or it is the consequences of severe stress.

  5. If the word close means relatives, then only tolerate, I believe that you can not break down on your own people,this is sacred after all,and as everyone knows, they are not chosen.

    And if close people carry the meaning of people close to you, with whom you can share something personal, without hesitation to say what you want and those people whom you consider a friend(the main thing is that it would be mutual) then I can advise you to just discuss this issue with them personally.But to do this, of course, it is better to find out for yourself what exactly irritates them and whether it irritates at all,because it is possible that some problems have simply formed in your life,and as you know, “we break down on our loved ones”.If this is the case, then you can warn them that you have recently been nervous because of some problem and until you solve it,you will not normally communicate in their eyes.

    But the main thing is to understand yourself, based on this, you can use one of these recommendations.

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