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  1. I get 140 points in the test. How did I achieve this? I passed several tests several times and learned how to do it quickly.

    In other words, the IQ test shows your ability to pass the IQ test. That's all.

    Practice the same tasks and you will have no less. So stop comparing them.

    By the way, you won't get any smarter.

  2. How do I stop comparing them? – it is very simple: to realize that the figure of Gina Lollobrigida 96-58-90 has not been surpassed by anyone and will not be.

    That there are many champions in the world – and in terms of the highest IQ-too.

    “Meet Kashchey Бесс The Immortal and Baba Yaga: – Hi! “Hey,” I said.�

    “How are you, old woman?�

    “- Yes, I entered the mehmat…�

    “- Well, how are you doing?

    “- Yes, not so much yet, but I'm the most beautiful…”

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