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  1. Well, the rules of The Question are that your answers will be evaluated. And if it turns out that you will be taught a lot of disadvantages, then your ability to answer questions will be limited. Anyone who answers on this site understands that they may be silenced if their answers are not convincing enough or offend some of the audience's feelings.

  2. Of course you can. I disagree with your views, but I believe that anyone can and should freely express their position.

    Arguments, facts, and logic are another matter. Well, where to go without vox populi – you will be minus those people who fundamentally disagree with you, that's all. Don't look for conspiracies here, and the TQ rating isn't something to worry about.

  3. You can express it, of course. Have you disabled this feature yet?

    The problem is that not everyone agrees with your opinion, even if it is very well reasoned. And in general, politics is such a slippery slope that if you answer a popular question, you will spend the rest of the day watching your rating constantly jump.

    Let me draw an analogy with YouTube: where have you seen popular videos praising Putin without thousands of diss?

  4. Certainly. Freedom of expression on this resource has not been canceled. The only question is whether your opinion will be accepted here. And yet, the answer is obvious.

  5. My answer to the question in which I calmly, without violating the rules, described the mechanism by which the TQ administration presses and prohibits any other opinion was deleted by the moderator-along with all the examples and evidence given. Draw conclusions about how objectively the site works. You will never be allowed to freely express an opinion that the “liberal” site administration does not like.

  6. I specifically read all your 6 answers and, I confess, I couldn't resist adding one of my own minus points to your -72. Because there are some points with which I strongly disagree (and this is not Navalny)

    I got the impression that you are being ignored not for the content, but for the form of responses-peremptory, rude and offensive

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