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  1. OK, let's assume that the biological theory is correct and that the differences in the behavior of women and men are biologically determined. In a world where such a theory was correct, sexual dimorphism in the question of behavior would be much more pronounced than in reality. And yes, the stereotypes would be correct there, because it would be possible to rely on them with much greater confidence. But since it is impossible to rely on them confidently, the biological theory is wrong.

  2. The stereotypes about M and W are correct.

    The entire modern discourse on the equality of M and W is possible solely due to the benefits of civilization: almost everyone has a warm toilet, food, electricity, and so on.

    If suddenly, for some reason, humanity loses them overnight – for example, tomorrow the lights will be turned off all over the planet-then the day after tomorrow no one will remember about equality (and even about equality) between M and W…)

  3. The logic is lame. This only means that the stereotypes can be true-from a biological point of view. �They can! �And may be incorrect – exactly the opposite.

    For example, a woman is more resilient than a man, especially to blood loss and pain. This is rather the opposite of the stereotype. Well, yes, a woman is too good a soldier, not too bad. Плохой Bad – a man. In the modern world, of course. “If on heavy clubs, or there clubs” – everything is completely different, the old stereotype was true for thousands of years-until our time.

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