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  1. I think we would have agreed to do something different. Honestly, this is a very cruel question. Seeing the death of a loved one is already death, but not physical, but spiritual. In Christianity, there are saints-Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia. So the ruler of those times punished Sofia for refusing to accept paganism by forcing her to watch the martyrdom of her children. But he left her to live. The unfortunate Sofia died some time later on the grave of her daughters.

    In this situation, if we had time to talk to a loved one, we would come up with a plan of action, but since we both have to die (and we believe in the afterlife), it would not seem so scary to us. A person is essentially afraid of pain, not death, because he knows what pain is, but what death is not.

    Knowing the character of my loved one, I can assume that he would choose the path to die first. And I feel like I'd die of a heart attack watching him suffer.


  2. This is a very controversial issue. On the one hand, if they kill me first, then my loved one may have a chance to get out. Maybe he'll get away with it while the terrorists are infatuated with me, and maybe not. In any case, he will not suffer from the fact that I was killed for long(although the question does not specify the time interval between deaths). I think that I would be a hero and, finally, I would ask them not to kill this closest person, because he is really important to me, I will do as much as possible to save at least him. With the situation where I choose him first, everything will be more transparent, because I will be able to assess my chances of further salvation with greater accuracy. It will be unpleasant to look at the death of someone close to me, especially to live with it later, it is hard and, perhaps, will knock me out of the rut forever. Even such a choice in favor of a loved one will be very difficult to make purely for moral reasons. Agreeing to your own death in the form of ” Kill me, just don't touch him!” is easier than saying something like “Kill him, just don't touch me!”, thereby signing a death sentence for someone who trusted you and, perhaps, loved you. In addition, the terrorists are unlikely to seriously listen to the victim's decision. Most likely, this question will be asked in order to make fun of you. I came to the conclusion that if I was asked such a question by terrorists, I would ignore them. But I think that the most accurate and genuinely sincere answer to this question can be given by a person who is in the situation you have set. Personally, as a person who has never experienced anything like this, it is difficult for me to assess it sensibly and without hypocrisy.

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