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  1. I'd save up enough money for cryonics. In case anyone doesn't know, cryonation is the freezing of the body after death in liquid nitrogen. If this is done quickly enough (before the body and brain begin to decompose), in theory, such a body can be reanimated with the help of advanced medicine. However, with modern technologies, it is impossible to reanimate a frozen corpse, and it will not be possible soon – and even then with a 50-50 chance at best.

    But a 50% chance of survival is definitely more than 0%. So it's worth it.

  2. I would go outside and shout that I love cats)))) And I would buy many many cats and live with them.

    If I admit it, I don't believe there's an afterlife anyway (so I'll get cats anyway). And if I find out that I'm going to die in a few years. I will be only too happy

  3. I believe in the immortality of the soul, but I would hardly change anything in my life Unless I tried to work as hard as possible. I would try to create capital as quickly as possible, so that there would be something to leave behind, I would reconsider my life plan-I would throw out the secondary ones.

  4. I still think about how to reduce resource consumption and how to find a solution to the problem of waste disposal, trying to translate quantity into quality.

  5. I would leave myself in the pages of a book I wrote.This is also life and the opportunity to communicate with people.An interesting option, by the way…)Can make it a reality…?)I'll think about it…)

  6. In the 21st century, believe in an afterlife?)
    With all the currently known works of scientists, people still have not developed skepticism?
    Is it really fashionable now to believe in all sorts of nonsense and not in science?
    To question the works of people who put their lives on trying (far from unsuccessful) explanations of the laws of our world, when you yourself are not worth a hatched egg?
    Do you believe in a conspiracy theory instead of an evolution theory ?
    Sorry for the emotions, but I just start to burn when people write out something like this…

  7. I would continue my spiritual growth and complete my entire works. I wouldn't tell anyone that I'm going to die in a matter of years. But lately, having added the last words to my texts, I would have rested and relaxed a little.

  8. I would have sown a whole field of cannabis, and in the few years that God has given me,I would have visited many planets and galaxies ,and met my death with open arms somewhere outside of our universe.

  9. First of all, I would go to concerts of all my favorite musical groups and read a couple of books that I definitely want to read, but I kept putting them off.

    Then I would definitely engage in a mega-active political struggle (after all, if you are not engaged in a struggle, it is engaged in you). In addition, I would try to attract as many people as possible. And in the end, when these very few years were coming to an end, I probably would have sacrificed my life to draw attention to something important that is not given the right amount of attention (or is given, but without much understanding of what is happening).

    And also, I would absolutely honestly and sincerely tell all my relatives and enemies what I think about them and, most importantly, why I think so.

  10. I would travel. During the trip, I would be engaged in creative work and volunteering.

    At some point, I would return home and just spend time with my loved ones.

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