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  1. I would say, ” Don't trust me so completely.” And she'd point out exactly who she didn't need to trust. Although not the fact that it would help me:) Until you put the cones, it won't get there.

  2. “Don't hurt your mother”

    Py.sy got cancer about 5 years ago, a year already as no. I was terrible with her, and nothing and no one could fix me at that moment. Very embarrassing.

  3. Don't go to this university. Everything will be fine.�

    In fact, I'd rather hear advice from myself in the future right now than try to fix something in the past.

  4. Well, I definitely wouldn't say anything to myself, and I'm so nervous, and after such a meeting, what would it be?. (and maybe that was the meeting? nifiga I don't remember))

    “go back” means the time when you were already born, I take it; otherwise, I would have returned a year ago in the 90th and told my mother to avoid my father and preferably not to give birth.

    in general, I would have rushed a year in 2000 to a completely green and unfamiliar husband with me. Told b a lot of personal things and gave b some advice about relationships with parents and alcohol. Something like that.

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