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  1. I've had quite a few clients with a similar request.

    Each of them at some point realized some of their values, someone really started to communicate a little more, someone remained at the same level. This does not mean that I am bad as an expert, but in this matter, in fact, this is what is important.

    Each of them came to the main point-regardless of their experience, upbringing, etc. each came to accept that in fact it is as good as it is now. Each client at the beginning said “I want to become sociable”, but each of them had their own understanding of”sociability”. Someone started to communicate a little more, but they had a request that this client could not talk to one specific person. Someone has remained at the same level of communication, but his relations with the entire team have improved (previously they were strained, people didn't seem to notice him), now he is not exactly in the center of attention, but the conversation is hello-so far he is easily settled at work. And here the point was not in sociability, but in his attitude to colleagues and how he builds these very relationships.

    So this is a very difficult question.

  2. Choose a few topics that you would like to talk about. You need to be sure that you are more or less familiar with them. If not, sharpen your knowledge. In case of failure, you can always clarify some things with the interlocutor: he will be pleased that his opinion and knowledge are in demand.�

    Just step over yourself and start a conversation with someone. It is on the Internet that people are often angry -in real life, people are mostly nice.

  3. There is an anecdote on this topic :

    -I have a problem with communication, maybe there is some way to solve it?

    – Alcohol will help you

    -But this is a temporary fix�

    “Alcoholism, then

  4. Perhaps it's just that you're afraid to say certain things because they might either displease others, or others will ignore them, or something else that can generally be called a false expectation. This works in two ways: you may think that others won't appreciate it, or you may think that they will. And in both cases, your expectations can be destroyed. To prevent this from happening, you need to get rid of expectations in general, do not think about what your friends will say to your joke or something else. This is not easy, because we always think about what to tell and show so that others will like it. But you shouldn't do that. After all, your friends have already appreciated you, so don't just count on their expectations. No matter how trite it may sound, you just need to be yourself, speak and act from the heart, because this is what people around you like.

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