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  1. At the age of six, he won the local “Field of Miracles” with high school students. In the first round, I called the word right away, without these drums of yours (it was “muskrat”). In the final round, fulfilling the request of the host “Name the letter”, he spelled the word. They ask for letters – there will be letters of what.

  2. When my mother's shoulder joint popped out of the joint bag, my brain instantly turned on and I rewound everything with a bandage, as doctors do in such cases. I did everything right, because it's not difficult. So we went to the hospital. In the emergency room, when the doctors found out that I did it, they exclaimed with huge surprised eyes:


    So nice for myself)))

  3. Vladimir reminded me) At school, I had problems with grammar, reading and retelling, in general, with almost everything (which can still be traced). And so I wasn't the best student in the class. But one day in math class, the teacher scolded the class that no one knows anything, that everyone made a lot of mistakes, that she gave everyone two's. And then, all of a sudden, my name was called, which I hadn't expected to hear from the back of the classroom at all. And she was saying that I was the only one in the class who got an A. She called me to pick up her notebook, and at that moment, as I walked from the far corner of the classroom to the teacher and back, I felt that I was smart)

  4. When I put a man in his place. I was thinking about future answers to his questions. But I cut myself off, so as not to say too much – not to answer questions for him. And so I put him in a polemical dead end.

  5. Three times:

    1. When I explained to my geography teacher that the Earth turns differently than she thinks
    2. When I made a bet with my Russian teacher that I would pass my high school graduation without knowing a single rule
    3. when I proved on the entrance exam that the examiner is wrong, and there is no need to read the textbook at all. Unfortunately, I already had to file an appeal here…
  6. When at a 10-year-old meeting of classmates discussed the Bible. Whether everyone has read it and who thinks about God in this regard. I blurted out the phrase in spite of all the parallels. What if it's the other way around in religion and the Bible? That it's a book about the devil. God helps instantly

    Then everyone fell silent and changed the subject

  7. No situation will make me think / feel smart)
    Being smart means knowing a lot and understanding a lot, and that's impossible.
    So, gentlemen smart, you just flatter yourself)

  8. Many times when.

    From synthetic tests, he answered the IQ test with 168 points.

    In trading: when I talked to 4 people at once without pausing, alternately answering questions and simultaneously talking about the content, I sold some customers ' disks that were not yet changed to others, and as a result, everyone left at the same time. A nearby salesman with many years of experience dropped his jaw for a moment.

    During your studies: At school, in a geometry lesson, completely unaware of the topic, I learned the Pythagorean theorem with a proof to the comma with pictures in 3 minutes. On the exam, I absolutely did not know the answer on the subject of Chain Theory, but I came to it with a logical conclusion with mathematical justification.

    In combat: when you beat 3 guys at the same time. I didn't really get hurt in the fight with 12, except for a couple of bruises on my sides.

    At work: Working in a research institute when it was necessary to draw up and sign all documents at bureaucratic authorities in a few hours. It took 4 people 3 days. Beginners have a week. I solved several tasks at the same time. At the scheduled time, they simultaneously converged successfully completed.

    At your leisure: I could memorize 2 full pages of a verse in 20 minutes.

    For 3 weeks from zero to the finished composition, being a complete beginner, I played Nothing Else Matters-Metallica, for a month Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

    At the service: I learned all the necessary articles up to the punctuation marks of the UGCS in 9 days, along with additional information and report cards. Those who served will understand.

    In the kitchen: Borscht in 20 minutes.

    Sports: From the hill at night 65 km/h on a bicycle without hand control.

    When they talked to professors and sometimes put them in an awkward position with their arguments and knowledge.

    I believe that every person has more than one hundred moments when he was in some way more brilliant and smarter at that moment compared to others. The main thing is to distinguish one from the other. Then errors also become useful.

  9. In kindergarten, I was given a task to draw shapes in a line(I still remember which ones), and while everyone else was drawing the whole shape, I broke it down into its components and drew first the entire line of the check mark, then the entire line of the stick… I've never been so proud of myself as I was when I was praised for being smart

  10. In the 7th grade, when at the New Year's school competition where children called the capitals of countries. And now 200 people are sitting in the hall, and the host asks the capital of Mongolia, and the hall is dead silent…This went on for 5-10 seconds, and from the crowd I shout at the top of my voice: ULAAAN-BAAATOR. And everyone started applauding me, even the director. Then I really felt like myself…. more literate than smart.

  11. When there were pairs in higher mathematics at the university. At school, I was lucky to have a teacher in algebra and geometry, she taught like a God. They passed not only what is written in the textbook, but what is usually given already at the university. She knew how to interest, such talented teachers need to look for.

    So, when I came to the first couple of classes at the university, I realized that I had nothing to do there. All that they gave me I have already passed in school:)

  12. It was in the year 2010 when I was about 12 years old, we had a family vacation in the Crimea. We stayed with a woman who had built herself a nice cottage by the sea for several guests. We ate in the courtyard, surrounded by lush, low, richly blooming acacias. And then one fine morning there was a real invasion of bees, a whole swarm of acacia trees, so that you couldn't even go to the tables. Adults were discouraged by such an event and didn't know what to do, but they didn't know that there was a specialist among them who spent most of his free time watching Discovery Channel. I took a bucket, threw straw and paper into it, set it on fire, and put it under the trees. Half an hour later, all the bees were gone, and I felt like a damn smart kid

  13. Seventh grade. Math lesson. A problem is being solved on the blackboard, and I see an error.Of course, I raise my hand and say that there is a mistake. The whole class and the teacher disagree with me.I go to the blackboard and prove that there is a mistake. � � 🙂

  14. Every time I give a long and detailed answer to the question. My self-esteem is growing by leaps and bounds, and when I get more than five likes, that's all – in my head I'm a pure superintelligence, an artificial intelligence in a meat shell

  15. When in the second grade they arranged a game based on the “Field of Miracles”, and I won it 🙂 I still remember the final question for the super prize – what animal the ancient Egyptians called a “River Horse”. The answer is behemoth. Like this 🙂 I don't remember what the super prize was)

  16. When in the 10th grade I was the only one of all my classmates who read “War and Peace” in the summer:)�

    And this happened only thanks to my mother, who said that until I read 50 pages, I would not go out for a walk with my friends…

  17. 11th grade. My harmful but good English teacher gives the entire parallel, and in particular strong groups, the most difficult test for English grammar, according to her.
    Me and my classmate were the only ones who got a ” 4 “(!). Everyone else got a “3”
    The funny thing is that the day before I was drinking a lot of alcohol and not only that

  18. at work. When I did something not ordinary, which actually did not do before, but I understand that everything will work out. The triumph of reason is somewhat overshadowed by the presence of 4 – 7 people around me, watching me with their mouths slightly open. Actually, I do the work instead of them and I understand that the gingerbread will be equally divided again.

  19. When the algebra teacher, once again brought up by my disgusting behavior, gave out that I was the smartest person in school according to the results of some tests and only my character prevents me from squeezing out the maximum of my abilities. I studied perfectly, then fell to good because of conflicts with some teachers, but by the 11th grade I became a three-year student and a truant because I was afraid of my new classmates. By the way, the test was actually written by the whole school, because of it, some classes were canceled, but no one paid any attention to it, so I still don't know what kind of miracle test it is.
    Well, when teachers chose me as a presenter or jury in games, so that no one would be offended that I was not on their team.
    And now I'm almost 24, and I don't have a single higher education because of my social phobia.

  20. The school has always had problems with math, mostly because of laziness, but also because of teaching, although the school was mathematical. Some interest in science appeared only in grade 10-11, when the teacher changed, just Bozhina (Vadim Igorevich Okhota, hello).

    And so I come to an institute where people are lazier and dumber than I am, and my school doesn't seem like such a bottom to me anymore. Sensing the attitude of the others to my studies, I started to play matan out of principle and scored 100 points on it in the first semester. I felt like a superintelligent.

    And by the way, I'm transferring from the institute with: Where it will be more difficult, but more useful.

  21. Recently, a friend came to Moscow, and when choosing where to stay, she told me a couple of streets where hostels are located. For me, the fact that I, not a native Muscovite, can tell where these streets are (small!)came as a shock to me. they are located, and about one of them even why it is called so. My classmates then said that I was a terrible person.

  22. Once, in the eighth grade, I was the only one in the class who wrote an A-grade geometry test. The others didn't even get fours. I remember having an epiphany 10 minutes before the end of the lesson. I still remember with satisfaction the feeling when the teacher said that I have 5.

  23. In the 5-7 seventh grade, the story somehow did not attract, but at 8 I was carried away by it excitedly. And so, grading, and I have one of the class 5 for a quarter. I felt like the smartest among these “incompetents”.

  24. I was traveling on the Novorossiysk-Perm train.

    My neighbor in the compartment came across a question in the crossword puzzle ” How will “life” be in Latin?”.

    I knew a little Latin, and I said, ” Vita.”

    Something like that.

  25. At school, in literature class, the only one of the entire class wrote a test on “Oblomov” for five (with a minus), while the rest had threes and twos.

  26. My childhood was spent in a boarding school. A teenager without an attentive, friendly attitude from adults / parents always grows up careless, if there are no those who wisely guide. So I wasn't very diligent with the wind in my head. And when the boys nearby bullied in small ways, I was there and became infected by their example. I remember a friend of mine wrote some obscene but obscene poems, and we sang them together loudly, without brakes, coolly to the music (I remember today). It was fun. And the young new teacher, hearing my voice in the choir from the room, was horrified and, as I guess, ran to the director, demanding that “this bandit “(that is, me) almost be put in prison.

    Fortunately, the director was wiser and realized that young people have problems with good manners, that the educational work in the boarding school simply needs to be improved. Apparently, they discussed it with more experienced people than that. They probably also talked about my candidacy, and there were some teachers who said that the boy was quite good, reads a lot, loves books, knows whole chapters of Eugene Onegin by heart (indeed, I had a very good memory for poems).

    And so they instructed a very good literature teacher to organize it in such a way as to show that children know how to use a word that is not only bad. We just need to teach them, educate them.

    A high school student comes up to me one day and says: let's put on a play. And gives my text. It was an excerpt from Gogol's “Marriage”, the final scene. My classmate Leshka (the one who wrote obscene poems) will play Kochkareva, seventh-grader Ira Azernikova will play Agafya Tikhonovna, and I will play Podkolesina. I started learning the text. And there is a lot of it, it is also prose. But I (and they) learned everything, then even rehearsed it once.

    The day of the show has arrived.

    In the boarding school's big room on Sunday, all the children gathered, the director, the teachers, and this teacher Nelly Naumovna Naumova came.

    We pulled the covers between the walls like a curtain. And they played the whole scene.

    I remember the excitement, the applause. I remember their faces-the audience. And a sense of pride in yourself.

  27. when in the seventh grade there was some kind of math Olympiad, and after it contests and games. At one of the games, I came across a small logical problem that for some reason no one could solve, neither the schoolchildren participating in the Olympiad, nor the university students who helped conduct the Olympiad and the games. The moment I said the answer, I felt smart.

    and the task was this: you need to get six out of three nines. 9 9 9 =6 . you can place absolutely any characters (not numbers) on the left side of the equation

  28. It was a high school biology olympiad in the seventh grade. I ended up there completely by accident: I just needed one more person, because one of the participants got sick and couldn't come. She answered the questions carefully, but not too much. The last 2 questions were on the same topic, which I didn't understand at all. After analyzing the text of the last task, I found the answer to the penultimate one, after which it became much easier to answer the last one. As a result, the first place in the gymnasium. �:)

  29. In the 3rd and 4th year of college, I did not go to pairs at all (I also worked as a secretary there). Two months before the defense, I realized that it was time to do a diploma and prepare to enter the university, and there was no knowledge of the specialty at all… Then I diligently began to “catch up” and eventually defended my diploma with “excellent”, and entered the university on a budget, although there were 2 budget places for about 100 students.

  30. Not so long ago in Krasnoyarsk there was a conference on the topic”Development practices: individual initiative in a new educational space”, there was Boris Danilovich Elkonin, Doctor of Psychological Sciences.�
    After listening to a speech on a certain topic, I had a question for the speaker in my head, but I was too shy to ask it, thinking that it would sound stupid.
    And then the same question is asked by Boris Danilovich himself.

  31. When he worked as a translator in the construction of sewage treatment plants under the supervision of an engineer from Germany. To speed up the communication process, it was necessary to translate from the correct German (the so – called Hoch Deutsch) immediately to obscene and fenya-the builders were simple guys. It was very difficult, but I managed. It's a pity that no one appreciated it.

  32. When I cut the cutlet across and put it on two loaves. At the same moment, a friend watched me with eyes for 5 rubles with the question: what, so it was possible!?

    And when I wrote a comment under the post “this text is boring to listen to even in Google Translate” and the dude answered it: YOU're a FUCKING GENIUS.

  33. There was a literature lesson, we learned the work of the Sleeping Princess Zhukovsky, all told by heart only the beginning about once upon a time there was a good King Matthew
    and I took and told a passage from the middle, and the first got five, while the teacher reluctantly put all 4

  34. When in the distant 90s, when applying for a job in one very serious organization, I decided to perform logical tests with a result of 60 out of 60. And the examiner said that this is the second case in her 15-year practice.�

    However, I still did not get a job)

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