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  1. In many countries, video games are used to prevent senile diseases. For example, Alzheimer's. It is often used for people with difficulty in spatial orientation. In America, there is an adaptation program for ex-military personnel after hot spots based on a video game. And a bunch of other useful things. So games are even useful in many ways, and not vice versa.

  2. Well, here as you can see. In itself, spending time playing video games does not bring any harm, if everything is in moderation. For example, if you spend a maximum of 2-3 hours a day, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if your life is limited to games, sleep, food and toilet, then this is already a problem and you need to reconsider some things.

    In general, video games can sometimes bring even more benefits than harm. There are a lot of stories on the Internet about how people got out of various situations because they remembered something like this in games. Also, games allow you to relieve tension, relax and just have fun, especially if you play with friends. Some games allow you to learn something new, some carry a great story in the same way as some good book. Some allow you to improve your knowledge in a particular scientific field(A vivid example of Assassin's Creed, of course, you will not become a super expert, but you can still acquire some historical knowledge). Well, etc. etc. there are many examples. I'm already silent about esports.

    There is of course a dark side, but it is due to some nuances. For example, the same gambling addiction is a serious matter, but the cause of its occurrence can be a lot of things. Maybe a person in his life had some unpleasant incident that hit him hard mentally, and maybe physically, and so he just decided to get away from the problem. Well, a lot of similar moments, thanks to which a person can abuse games. From my own experience, I can say that at one time I devoted a lot of time to Dota, because it helped to distract from one problem for a while. Now I stopped playing it completely, because the problem disappeared and the interest was lost. About the fact that games disrupt the psyche and other rubbish-this is a double-edged sword. If a person initially has some signs of aggression, then of course he should not play GTA, CODE (Call of Duty) and other games with murder and so on. Our domestic “experts” are fans of this business. Someone took a hammer and went to cut everyone up, or a teenager took it and committed suicide. Who's to blame: games, of course. No parents, no legislation, none of the others and so on. Only games, only they are the source of all troubles. Moreover, publishers put up special icons that show that the game is restricted for people with a certain age and that there are certain elements that are undesirable for some people.

    In general, you can musolit for a long time. The bottom line is simple: if you keep the measure and if there are no health problems(mental), then games do absolutely no harm, and sometimes even benefit and can teach you something. If you spend too much time on them (!), then of course your life is harmed, because there are many interesting things in life besides games. Well, if there are some mental abnormalities or just an unusual character and temperament, then you just need to limit the range of games that are worth playing.

    P.S. I don't understand what hashtags are for. Maybe I misunderstood the question, but even is out of place=)

  3. On the contrary, it is useful, since a very large number of games develop the speed of thinking, and in general, do not allow the brain to stand idle. And this is very useful, since degenerative diseases of the brain and central nervous system have not yet learned how to treat effectively. Some even teach very useful subtleties of psychology, for example, Japanese dateshima.�

    Nevertheless, the attitude to such technologies is negative, but everything is explained by the so-called “survivor's paradox”. Well, that is, for a long time, physical strength was important and a person, seeing that it works, begins to stick such attributes wherever they get. And now intellectual power is important, but most people still live in the archaic. That's right, they say that in the future, not those who can learn faster will be literate, but those who can relearn faster, but this is a slightly different story.

  4. Is it dangerous to play games on your computer?

    Depends on which ones.
    Any MMORPGs are quite dangerous. Because of them, people and universities throw, and squat on them as on a needle. And in general, they require CONSTANT injections of money and / or time.

    Some of the games are more than useful. Some develop thinking skills, while others develop real useful skills (for example, Rocksmith teaches you to play a real guitar).

    So it all depends on your personal choice.

  5. The question should be different: is it possible to spend such precious time on video games? I'm 16 and I hate cs, dota2, world of tanks and other online games. A computer game should be relaxing, and not force you to change the chairs from a burning fart every month. Of the really good games, I can recommend the far cry line, there is a graphon, there is a beautiful landscape, there is an interesting gameplay and, importantly, charismatic characters.

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