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  1. Oh… �I don't even know how to explain it to you)
    It seems to me that this is not exactly a person's choice.
    I have always been calm and this trait is only getting stronger over the course of my life.
    Naturally, I feel anger, excitement, passion, and so on.
    but simple…. I can handle it much easier and it is very difficult to” wind up ” me.

    Naturally, in a crisis situation, I feel good. and in general, most of the time I am very calm and comfortable.

    On the other hand, it turns out that I can't really relax and let go of myself.
    a person can shout, fool around, go crazy…
    but for me, it's something… I don't know. uncomfortable, not comfortable.

    naturally, it is not very convenient to build relationships with mica) people really appreciate emotions, feedback, and so on.
    and if you're cold-blooded like a snake, then they're not very comfortable with you.

    Ideally, be a balanced person) to shout when you want, keep yourself in control when you need) and to be an eternal cold stone… Nope. it is very…. calmly. too calm.

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