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  1. Humor is a purely intellectual exercise based on the ability to see different meanings and facets of the same phenomenon and relate them in the most unexpected way. The most unexpected image is usually funny.

    In this sense, humor cannot be immoral , just as mathematical analysis, for example, cannot be immoral.

    It may be immoral to use humor in an inappropriate situation.

    For example, the joke ” Yasha, don't bite your nails! Yasha, don't bite your toenails! Yasha, don't bite your grandmother's toenails! And in general, get away from the coffin!! “ is a classic example of black humor, very elegant, because it is built on the principle of collapsing the stereotype of perception when expanding the angle of view.

    But if you tell this case at someone's funeral , you risk getting blacklisted.

  2. ahem… if you laugh without a negative connotation , what's the problem?
    humor is humor.

    his vocation is to take life easier.

    not evil, but easier.

    even if the topic of humor is very controversial.

  3. For me, this is wonderful 🙂

    Understanding such humor is cool, but inventing it and telling it is an even rarer talent.

    Another question is that our society is often not ready to consume such humor…

  4. Of course, it's fine. I would even say that it is wonderful. Because in the modern world, where you can make fun of absolutely everything, there are still people who treat black humor negatively.
    Especially good if you have a sense of self-irony))

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