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  1. It seems to me that to the actual treason and betrayal-no. It's like being positive about pain. There are, of course, people who like pain, but most of them try to avoid it.

    But the fact that life has freed from the extra person can (and should) be treated with a positive attitude. After all, it's really good to learn about the problem as early as possible: there is time to resolve it and restore your life. But this is probably possible in two cases::

    1) when the soul is already aching (alas, sometimes it takes a very long time, and some people can not move away from what happened for the rest of their lives);

    2) when a person has either ceased to be close, or has never been close at all, and his bad act almost does not affect us emotionally, but is perceived as a reason to put a fat end to the relationship.

  2. Any reactions and choices are normal.

    Very much depends on your settings and the context of the situation.

    When my second wife, then not yet ex-wife, wrote to me that she would not come to me and found another one (it turned out that the peasant who just drove her to the airport when I handed over money with passengers for her with our child), I breathed a sigh of relief. Sadness, of course, was also there: after all, the stage of life is over. But it was coming to this, the stage turned out to be very painful.

    And soon decided to try again relations with the first wife, twenty years soon again together, three more gave birth.

    But directly “positive”… In my example, there really was a release. And there can be as many variations as you like. And as much as you want, not because of the “extra person”, but because of “the idiot himself, did a lot of stupid things and shit, and did not hear what they say, and brought to sin.” In this case, if you still do not understand, each regular person will “suddenly” turn out to be so “superfluous”…

    So it would be a good idea (to the question of “correct”) to first think well from different angles, and only then choose the attitude…

  3. “I consider it a betrayal to leave the sick, elderly and young in danger Two able-bodied , healthy people simply end their relationship. A break in financial and psychological dependence is only good. I feel sorry for children and the elderly…” This answer, in my opinion, is most consistent with my beliefs. It's about betrayal. But with infidelity is more difficult. Here, most often, you are in “hostages”, followed by children, often already grandchildren. They live in the confidence that there is a parental home where everything is unshakable and stable. And then the crash, one of the parents destroys everything. Difficult. They may not understand, you sometimes sacrifice your health, your soul is all in disarray, you still need to pretend to be a happy wife all the time…

  4. The norm is a positive attitude towards yourself

    If it is normal for you when you are cheated on, when you are betrayed, then my answer to your question is yes

  5. A normal attitude to betrayal is not normal and can only indicate low self-esteem. Resentment and anger are natural.

    A normal attitude to infidelity is normal. Especially if you are smart enough to analyze the reasons that led to this and understand that you almost certainly participated in this together.

    As a result of such a sensible analysis, it may turn out that it was not life that saved you from the man, but the inability to build relationships. Perhaps, and even more often, the inability inherent in both partners. And the person, in this case, could be absolutely not superfluous…

    Excluding infidelities in relationships is the work of two people, not an axiom that should exist no matter what.

  6. The “normal” attitude to betrayal consists of two stages::
    – frustration, resentment, anger, which turn into an “experience”.
    This is normal. Sometimes anger can go to the
    – stage of trading, that is, a person tries to somehow restore the past, trying to think: Can he make some concessions? Here's where I can still be tolerated, and I'll compromise. But if he crosses the line…
    Some people stop at this stage forever. But some move on to the next “normal” step :
    accepting the world and the person as they are. Forgiveness.
    This is already for a “perfect” person, almost a saint, similar to Christ, who forgave Judas.
    Not many people reach this stage. Most people calm down in the previous stages.
    But if the person immediately perceived the betrayal as a relief, positively, then this is no longer a betrayal, but rather a betrayal … well, for example, divorce by mutual consent. ))
    This already fits the case of Sherlock Holmes:

    • Sherlock, can you tell me how to solve a crime?
    • You need to find someone who benefits from it!
    • And if it was profitable for everyone?
    • Well, maybe then it's not a crime anymore.
  7. The attitude to treason should be adequate to the state of mind of the one who was cheated on,if treason is so unpleasant to the person being changed, then of course it sucks. And not necessarily the best way out,getting rid of the cheater.And think about your behavior-it's necessary.

  8. You can be calm and positive when a person is dear to you. unworthy behavior all brains z…… l(( Then this is good news and removing it without regret from your life. At the same time, when this g…a. comes to her senses and decides to return or live a love triangle – do not forgive and wishing to live for a long time and very badly do not let her into the house and block the number.And enjoy life.

  9. I consider it a betrayal to leave the sick, elderly and young in danger. Two able-bodied , healthy people simply end their relationship. A break in financial and psychological dependence is only good. I feel sorry for children and the elderly…

  10. In fact, you think correctly

    Unfortunately, this thought can immediately come up if you have already had a negative experience or thought about breaking off the relationship, even before infidelity

    In any case, you are well done that you do not get upset, but immediately look at life from the angle that some people need a lot of time.

    I hope now you are already sitting with your friends and drinking delicious wine with sushi)

  11. To take a positive attitude to infidelity, you need to understand in your mind that life in this way saves you from unnecessary things. After all, the cheating partner (sha) betrayed(a) you. So he doesn't feel anything for you and doesn't think you're a human being. You're nothing to this kind of person anymore. As the saying goes: a person believes, not disposes.

  12. It is not normal (subjectively) to treat the fact of treason or betrayal itself (whether in love or friendship) positively.

    But a positive attitude to getting rid of a cheater/traitor in life (no matter the gender) is normal and even good.

    It's better to know the bitter truth than to walk around with a sweet lie.

    After all, it was not you who cheated/betrayed, but you. Life boomerang-this rule has not been canceled.

    It is better for you to know the traitor/traitor in person here and now.

    With respect.

  13. Did you hit him for that?? And now you've decided to make up for your sins in public?
    Life is a borderless thing. It has everything. I'm sure this is even on the tip of my little finger, but it happened to everyone. We were betrayed…we forgave…we tried …we were forgiven…. se la vie.

  14. If you feel this way about treason or betrayal, this is great for you, because it saves you from various digs, experiences, and sometimes unnecessary reflections. However, any relationship has two sides. Such a “cold nose” also indicates that you did not have a strong attachment to the person.

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