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  1. A non-egocentric person is one who does not put his vision of the situation and its assessment in the center? Or one that takes care of the interests of other participants before its own?

    I see three options here: to turn into an analog of a “swarm of bees” with a collective mind (and then suddenly I remember bureaucratic systems that are not personally ego-centered at all), to abandon myself and my interests (which is what codependents do), or to move to a “new level of egocentrism”.

    I present to your attention the new flagship of this line – Egocentrism 2.0 🙂

    Well, if a person is not satisfied with the banal possession. The teacher is proud of his students, the parents are proud of their happy children, and the benefactor is proud of how good it is for those to whom he has done good.

    That is, egocentrism as an idea remains (“I did”, “my good”), but someone else uses the resource or develops the received good.

    And this is also good, or (ideally) even cooler. “Better than eating it yourself – feed the hungry and take their pleasure as your own.”

  2. Where do you put the Ego? Form bricks. What's not to like? Confused about the definitions? Do principles get in the way? And what will remain of the individual? Don't speculate on Humanity

  3. This is the goal of human life – to get rid of false ego, identification with the material body and mind, and realize your true nature, free from selfishness. The soul is a servant of God, its center is not the ego, but God. Understanding this will lead her to the spiritual world, and not understanding it will force her to be born again and again in the material world.

  4. This is not only possible in principle, it is necessary and it is an evolutionary way of improving a person, regardless of whether he understands it at the moment or not. There is a time for everything.

    Egoism is a feeling that seeks the development and predominance of its own egoistic individuality by excluding everything else.

    If, in this way, selfishness makes a person a narrow and limited person, then the attainment of absolute knowledge or comprehension of the truth is impossible until he gets rid of it. However, as long as we are in this world of phenomena, we cannot completely abandon the sense of individuality, no matter how exalted, in the sense that there is no sense of personal dominance or ambition.

  5. Yes. this is quite possible, moreover. egocentricity itself is possible only in society and is only a degenerate form of collective sociality as a disharmony of collectivism.

  6. Why is it impossible?There have always been and still are such personalities-monks, saints, ascetics,altruists, even war heroes.How can you sacrifice yourself in a war if you think only of yourself?Another thing is that such individuals will always be in the minority.This was proved by attempts to raise a “new person” en masse under the Communists.All such attempts(especially violent ones)failed-a person must make the choice of what to be..

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