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  1. Such an experiment is contrary to the ethical standards of psychology and medicine. No one has set up such an experiment yet. And it's good if it doesn't deliver…

    Theoretically, psychiatry has already identified a number of factors that push for a split personality. Of course, by observing natural cases of split (multiple) personality.

    In other words, it is theoretically possible to do all this, but in practice it is contrary to ethics.

  2. Like psychosis, no. And if we talk about the norm, then we have many different facets, which are called in the models of psychosynthesis, NLP, Erickson's hypnosis – subpersonalities, or parts of the personality; in transactional analysis-ego states, etc.

    In fact, the drunk who sincerely promises himself and the world never to drink again in the morning, and the person who is looking for a hangover closer to dinner, are really two different personalities. The second one didn't give a word to anyone!

    Any woman, when she is with her child, and with her boss – thinks differently, looks, she has different emotions, plasticity, voice. It's really like two different people.�

    However, perhaps you know a woman who speaks to her child in the same way as with her boss, or with her mother, as well as with her lover?..�

    I assure you that with each of my five children, I am a different dad! God forbid, I don't communicate with my 21-year-old son like I do with my 13-year-old daughter. Yes, I'm a different dad to the twins, although I hide it cleverly and carefully from them. Because they are different!

    In short, we will not make a psychosis with you, but the many subpersonalities in each of us are the most real.

  3. Formally, you can. I cannot but agree with Slava that, I quote: “Such an experiment contradicts the ethical norms of psychology and medicine.”
    You just need to expose yourself to life situations that can very well damage your psyche. To try in certain situations to divide yourself into several people who must have different qualities and skills is a kind of performance of one person.

  4. I'm not an expert, but among geeks and nerds(like me), if you search a little on our forums for such a concept as “tulpa” (in Buddhism, a human-created hallucination to all the senses), you can stumble upon instructions for creating an imaginary friend, as well as blogs of people who have already done this. In theory, this can be applied to the creation of a second personality, since the tulpa is built on this. But the degree of reliability is unknown, the sauce is here https://m.geektimes.ru/post/257670/

  5. Excerpts from a book about Billy Milligan : “In a recent phone conversation, I discussed with Dr. Putnam the results of EEG recording brain wave impulses, which he presented in May 1982 at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Toronto. He made a series of control measurements in ten patients who had previously been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. In each case, the core personality and two or three other personalities were tested. As controls, he took ten patients of the same gender and age, who were asked to come up with the presence of other personalities in themselves, with detailed life stories, with characteristic features, and practice switching to these personalities.

    The tests were repeated in random order for each “core” and its different personality, on five different days – a total of fifteen to twenty tests for each patient. While control patients and their invented personalities did not show a significant difference in brain wave patterns, different personalities of patients diagnosed with multiple personality showed a significant difference both from their core and from each other.”

    Those. based on this, we can conclude that it is quite possible to invent a “new personality” for yourself, but from a scientific point of view it will not be real.

  6. To google: Tulpa

    One hundred and forty characters is too easy an obstacle for a person working with advertising, I assure you. And the remaining thirty-only confirm the above.

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