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  1. There are many different answers to this question. Right here – http://ideal.izm.io/ru/q/pokornost-sudbe#top – you can choose from them – the one that is closer to you – and then find out which worldview it belongs to. Once selected, there is access to videos of representatives of secular humanism( atheism), Buddhism, Islam, Slavic paganism, Orthodoxy, Krishnaism, Thelema, Scientology, Protestantism, theosophy, Judaism, Freemasonry answering just the question-submit to fate or fight with circumstances.

  2. In your personal life, a person can change absolutely everything. On a global scale, it's unlikely . You need to understand that everything created on earth is the work of man, which means that it is man who changes the world and then this world changes people's lives.

  3. You can say anything, including that everything that happens in life does not depend on us. There are much more beautiful formulations on this topic: for example, the famous phrase of Benedict Spinoza that freedom is a conscious necessity. Spinoza also denied free will, as did, for example, the adherents of the theory of determinism, which implies that absolutely everything in the world is predetermined. So it is possible to say and even something like that has already been said and repeatedly. Nevertheless, I think the vast majority of people believe that a person has free will, at least to some extent. We must be realistic and understand that each person's life takes place within certain limits set by external conditions and events. However, these limits are not so narrow as to exclude any possibility of choice and, accordingly, the manifestation of human will in this choice. Moreover, in the life of each person there are key moments when several directions of further development open up before him, and sometimes radically different from each other, and it depends on the decision of the person on which path his life will go further. At these moments, a person has the opportunity to significantly influence their fate. So, there are people who believe that a person can't change anything, but many others, including me, believe that a person can influence their own fate: at some moments only to a limited extent due to external circumstances, but sometimes quite strongly.

  4. Incorrect. A person-and his thoughts. business is also part of the universe. It depends on each person how the universe will continue to exist. But each affects differently. One leads the nations, and the other gets drunk in the gutter

  5. You can also say that everything depends on the person and he can change everything. But in reality, everything depends on both the person and the circumstances. But a person can change the circumstances, and the person himself depends on the circumstances. That is, it all depends on everything, but to varying degrees on the specific situation.

  6. On the one hand, there is a providence of God the Creator, a person can have little influence on the general course of things. But the secret is something else, understanding the laws of Life, the Will of the Creator, a person can soar above the predestination of things and change his life in a large framework!

  7. You don't choose the initial start conditions. that yes.
    And then-cards in hand. Naturally, there are global events that cannot be influenced either. well, we all have them.

  8. It can't change anything, but it can make your stay in this world more or less comfortable, short or long. But the result is the same… death and decay.

  9. Nothing by itself is solved and does not happen in this world, even the grass in the field does not grow where people walk) Both weather and nature depend on human activity. Perhaps, only sunrise, sunset and the change of seasons remain unchanged)) But seriously, it is enough to recall the great and not so great rulers, scientists-did they not change the world? Those who started the war or invented the light bulb, did it just happen by itself?
    And religion – who explained, convinced, preached? There is a PERSON behind every change in the world, so there is and always will be!
    It is another matter whether a person wants to take part in this process or not… That's really the question)

  10. No, you can't ) Everything is in our hands, and you can always change everything, but sometimes you need to work hard on yourself. Work out some personal qualities or overcome your own laziness.

  11. Any event has an outcome, for an individual it can be either positive or negative, then the evaluation mode is turned on and the individual decides whether to put up with such an outcome or not, but there are no truly pleasant moments in this life. And some individuals decide for themselves what the outcome will be and if it turns out as they want, then the victory is pleasant, and if not, then yes, no luck. But if you go from event to event in life, then I think it's a little boring to live like this.

  12. Well, not quite so some consequences depend only on our decision. And there are consequences that do not depend on us and with this pridetsa miritsa.

  13. You can say that too. Most modern psychological consultations and schools are built on this feeling: growth, personal success and other shushery. They convince you that they will give you a golden key to the magic door to a new world of happiness. But in fact, these are the songs of Alice the fox and Basilio the cat for buratinok: bury your last coins in the field of miracles and wait for the money tree to grow and you will be happy.
    The ancients left a covenant: know thyself. One day you will see for yourself where your truth and path lie. And these questions will turn out to be insignificant. Good luck!

  14. Let's say I changed something in my life. For example, I found a new job.
    How did this happen? Why could this happen?
    The circumstances were favorable. A vacancy has appeared. It wasn't up to me, it was just that an employee quit there.
    Well, what was it that depended on me?
    Learn and act. To find out is to show interest, I showed it myself.
    So. And to act? Why did she leave her home, not afraid to take the risk? Here you need both courage and will. And this is a character that is given by genetics and upbringing.

  15. No, of course not. Almost everything is exactly the opposite. You can't change anything when you're lying paralyzed and you can't even move your eyes. Or when you're unconscious. All other cases – scope for activity)

  16. It all depends on our health and mental abilities. There is also innate intelligence,and one that we have developed ourselves. Therefore, everyone has their own destiny,and you can't judge anyone without being in their shoes. And if people listened to their intuition more often, and did not rush headlong, just to do what, life would be much more productive.

  17. No, man is the creator of his own life. Many thinkers have said that a person is responsible for what is in his life and for what is not in his life. Of course, there are circumstances that cannot be changed, but people with an active attitude strive to adapt to them and achieve their goals no matter what the circumstances. It's easy to get away with fatalism, try to take responsibility for your life. Desire is a thousand possibilities, unwillingness a thousand reasons.

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