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  1. You can predict your future. Only your own. Look, you learn 10 English words every day and one rule a week – in a year you will have spoken English. If you work out in the gym three times a week and do not filonit-you will have a form. What's wrong with predictions?

    I won't be able to comment on fortune tellers, because I'm not sure they can do anything, but I admit it.

  2. Really. For this purpose, there are methods of mat-modeling, for example. Having built such a model on the basis of scientific knowledge about the system under study, it is often possible to trace what happened to it in the past and what will happen in the future.

    PS matan and programming are generally the most powerful schools of magic in this world.

  3. It seems to me that the future does not exist in a single version. We are given the willpower to change everything at any time. In every second of the present, free will intersects with fate, that is, with a hypothetical future. Therefore, based on the current state of a person and the world, it is possible to predict the future of a person without resorting to elementary analysis and logic. However, how things may change in a day, an hour, or a year, hardly anyone will undertake to predict, much less predict a new future. “Change one thing, Change everything”, the slogan of a wonderful film on this topic is “The butterfly effect”.

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