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  1. Yes, it's true. I wasn't interested in scientific explanations for the phenomenon, but from my own observations, I was periodically so engrossed in thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth, and the future of an extended family that all other information that has nothing to do with motherhood simply passes me by. This is the first one.

    Second: after the first birth, she became forgetful. If earlier I was very good at remembering people and the circumstances under which I met them, then when I became a mother, I lost this super-ability. I'm not sure if it's because of some physiological change – I think it's just because there's someone in my life who interests me a lot more than anything else. And what was fun before, after giving birth, became unimportant…

  2. For a change, I decided not to repeat the hackneyed fables about” tearing off the head ” of pregnant women, but to search in the English – and German-language scientific sources available to me. Expectedly, pabmed and the rest of the Internet do not dream about such an interesting “evolutionary mechanism for protecting offspring”. And how is it supposed to work? No matter how you look at it, the deterioration of memory and concentration carries only health risks.�

    More on medicine. Please stop repeating the nonsense about “encephalopathy of pregnancy”! This is another Soviet diagnosis, unknown anywhere else in the civilized world. Encephalopathy is an organic change in the brain due to prolonged toxic, infectious or traumatic effects on it. I certainly understand that the child is basically a parasite)) but this is already some kind of childhunting)

  3. I think the problem is that some women do not seek to develop in principle, considering it their only duty to have a family and children. And when they have children, they feel absolutely fulfilled, consider it their duty to teach others about life, and in general, it seems that with the birth of a child they become elite representatives of the upper classes. They've had a hard time with everything before, and now they're starting to have an unreasonable amount of self-confidence. A terrible cocktail.

    I just often came across just such examples, which, of course, are more striking than adequate moms, which are the majority.

  4. Why after. Just during pregnancy, “encephalopathy of pregnant women” occurs. Women become forgetful, slow, confuse the names of familiar objects, can put socks in the refrigerator, and sleep on the go. My gynecologist calls this state of dullness-a protective function of the body. Its task is to limit the habitual activity of a woman to ensure favorable fetal development. There are many assistants in this business, from hormones, progesterone and estrogen to the entire central nervous system. But after childbirth, relief does not come immediately. Because it is replaced by “lactation encephalopathy”. Dullness continues, only prolactin and oxytocin are added. All for the benefit of posterity.)

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