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  1. If you look far enough into the past, then each of us will find among our ancestors evil tyrants, murderers and even more so thieves. And I agree with the doctrine that all people are born into our world spiritually pure, without sin and without having to pay spiritual debts for their parents. Although this does not mean that all infants have equal opportunities. Obviously, the conditions in which they are born, their health, and their genetic predispositions are very different, so the children of murderers and thieves are much less fortunate in this sense.

  2. Absolutely all babies, even embryos, are sinful. They have original sin. If he is a human being and not some small animal, then he is a sinner. But don't be afraid of that. The sinfulness of a person is a motivation for spiritual growth, to which absolutely every person is called. Only Christ was sinless, but He also had the opportunity to renounce God-see temptation of the devil, Matthew chapter 3. The opportunity to renounce God, freedom – this is sin.

    As for evildoers and murderers, we can also recall the episode from the Gospel with the prudent robber (Luke 23: 32-43). It was a villain and murderer who was one of the first to go to heaven. Moreover, he was canonized by Christ Himself. There are a lot of saints in Christianity with a very dark past. what can we say about the sinfulness of babies?

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