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  1. Religiosity and faith very often become just a mechanism for relying on authority.

    That is, not like Dostoevsky's “If there is no God, then everything is allowed”, but just the opposite: “If there is a God, then everything is possible for me, and He will forgive me everything, for everything is in His name”.

    Theft, violence, and even more so murder, require reliance on such authority, because only those who are completely frostbitten can take on this responsibility without shifting it to God) �

    The same mechanism applies to religious fanatics-terrorists.

  2. Because religion is practically the only thing that a prisoner can occupy himself with in places not so remote. In addition, there is a lot of time for philosophical reflection, dividing into pro-Islamic and Christian groups. As a rule, criminal leaders gain experience and authority in places of detention. Religious beliefs remain with them when they are released, are part of their life.

  3. It is true that many people in the criminal environment CALL themselves believers. Of course, everyone has their own reasons, but there are two most common ones.

    1. Having committed a crime, a person looks for an excuse, tries to convince himself that he is not a complete scoundrel after all. Religion provides a lot of opportunities for this: faith in God's mercy for all those who sincerely repent, and the example of a forgiven robber, and the exaltation of the “poor in spirit”, and the statement that the repentant sinner is more valuable than the righteous…

    2. Life in places of detention is monotonous and uneventful. Belonging to a church allows you to communicate with the priest, participate in celebrations, move more freely around the territory, etc. In short, it makes life more diverse.

  4. My opinion is that people need something to disguise themselves. Even to myself.
    The usual method of gopnik: “you are wrong, because you are walking down our street. Get paid for it.”
    Well, something like that.

    And, if you look at it, then these people need to somehow justify their criminal actions before society, before their conscience. Therefore, the passerby is “wrong”, and the gopniks are “right” in fining the “violator” for his “crime”.
    This is of course a fig leaf, but it is enough for them to calm their conscience and to cause feelings of (false) guilt among passers-by from whom they take money.

    Thus, the faith of people from the criminal environment is more a cover for a diversion, and self-deception, including.
    If they were truly believers, they would not be involved in crime.
    As a rule, these “believers” do not even know the basics of this very faith.

    I repeat , I personally have this opinion.

    Although some of them sincerely, apparently, hope that God will change their lives and give them the opportunity to get out of crime.
    This is understandable, you want to quickly get the desired benefits and avoid punishment for criminal methods.
    Many people think, naively, that they won't need their own determined efforts to change their lives.
    As they think that you will not need to work, especially, in this life.

    I DON'T mean here the rare people who got into crime really almost not of their own volition. Most, after all, are more in their own way.

    But I would like to remind you that, according to God's law, in general, all people are criminals. Just someone is trying to improve, and someone goes with the flow. So we're all connected to crime in one way or another.

    Therefore, you can not take away a person's hope for a better future. Moreover, if he got into the criminal environment not on purpose.
    After all, everyone, for example, steals in life, or almost everything, and not everyone goes to prison for this.

    And then a person can not rewrite life from scratch. And God can give him that chance.
    Who will knowingly deny such an opportunity for themselves?
    After all, people, by themselves, will not provide him with such an opportunity.
    Human society is in many ways vicious, and it almost deliberately condemns many people to rebellion and crime.
    And only the understanding that there is a Higher Authority makes the rebels remember that there is hope for a Higher Justice and everything can be corrected.
    So people hold on to this opportunity.

    If there is not enough justice among people, then where do you want to find it? Where to expect and what to hope for?

    But for real criminals who enjoy their crimes and are not going to become honest people, God only prepares punishment. You need to know that. That's what the Bible says.

  5. When Pilate condemned Christ, he was hanged next to the two criminals Dismas and Gestas. One said that if Christ is the son of God, then let him save himself and them. Another said that Jesus is not to blame for anything and that their (Dismas and Gestas) punishment is a well-deserved punishment. For these words of atonement, Christ promised the second criminal entry into paradise.

    Many criminal elements regarded this text as a hope that by repenting before God, they would still be able to earn his forgiveness. Hence the religious romance of all the inmates. Cross on the chest, domes on the shoulders. Unfortunately, the interpretation of the sacred text has long been forgotten, and the habit of beating yourself up with religious paraphernalia has remained.

  6. Because believers are the most hypocritical people who admit it themselves.�

    A believer thinks: That the gods would forgive him.

    An atheist thinks: That he will be imprisoned, or it violates his moral principles.

  7. Many people become like this after committing criminal acts, so that they can find peace of mind. I was forgiven, I repented. They “remove” their sins, hide behind their beloved faith.

    Have you seen that Igor? He's served time! And now he prays every day, walks, comes to his senses, and is on the right path.

    There are those who even give themselves completely to this, begin to serve in the church. This is an elementary kind of human justification.

    Do you know how many pedophiles, homosexuals, and former criminals there are in the form of ministers?

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