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  1. Slavery is inherited by man, and how to dispose of this inheritance is decided by the collective mind. The economy does not stand still and the caste system had to be abolished, but most of the lower castes will still follow the path of their parents, only the most prominent of them will reset the caste. Slavery taught the Jews a lot, but they had to make many sacrifices for this knowledge. The wise Jew has remained a slave, even if only spiritually, because he has to draw on the wisdom of” little Israel ” and the shepherd of David, who is offended by Goliath. He sacrifices the most precious thing he has – the Torah. Such great sacrifices on the altar of knowledge bring them back from spiritual slavery to physical slavery. The slave of knowledge is too old and knows too much, and living with it becomes sooooo difficult.

  2. One day Pharaoh gathered the priests together and said to them, ” Do you see these long lines of slaves chained up and carrying one stone at a time? They are being watched by thousands of soldiers. And all because we're afraid of a riot. But there must be a lot of slaves! Therefore, we have to strengthen security and feed all these incompetents so that they continue to work. But still, things are not as we would like them to be… the slaves are lazy and prone to disobedience.

    Just look at how slowly they're crawling! The guards are quite lazy and don't always goad them with the whip.�But they will run much faster! And we don't even need security to do that. The overseers will also become slaves. And here's how we'll do it.

    Today, before the sun goes down, announce to the slaves that I grant them their freedom! For each stone brought, they will receive a coin. Coins can be exchanged for food, clothing, houses, etc. I'm abolishing slavery! From now on, free people will live here — every single one of them!”

    The next day, the Pharaoh and his priests went up to the observation deck of a specially built artificial mountain. What they saw was simply amazing! Former lazy slaves raced stones into the city. Many carried even two or three. Others ran, stumbling and kicking up dust. People thought they were free, because they were no longer chained. And now their main task is to get as many precious coins as possible to live a happy carefree life.

    Every day the Pharaoh took his favorite place on the observation deck and looked with joy at what was happening below.

    A month later, everything changed dramatically. Small groups began to stand out among the slaves, who created carts and pushed them, filling them to the top with large stones. “They'll come up with so much more! – pharaoh thought with satisfaction — – they already have their own services: peddlers of water, food, etc. Very soon the authorities will choose for themselves, then the judges. Let them do what they want…

    Let them choose. They are now “free people”! But the essence remains the same.

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