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  1. Which person is more likely to pounce on food, eat faster, and eat more? That's right, hungry. So it is with daffodils. People who are so concerned about their achievements, appearance, and the opinion of others about themselves that it becomes the basis of their character and behavior, experience a deep lack of all this (dissatisfaction with their achievements and appearance, fear of feeling ashamed, and so on), which is why they make every effort to get rid of suffering because of it. Naturally, they are not aware of the mechanism itself, but they have such feelings and it is they who force them to narcissism. So there are different types of narcissistic personalities, but the fact that narcissists deep down have a heavy dissatisfaction with themselves is true for all of them.

  2. Narcissism is a character trait that consists of excessive narcissism and inflated self-esteem-grandiosity, in most cases not corresponding to reality.In psychology and psychiatry, excessive narcissism is considered a serious personal dysfunction or personality disorder.

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