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  1. Laziness is a physical and mental condition inherent in the concept of “person”. Anyone who has never been lazy is an alien. Laziness within reasonable limits is the engine of progress, because if we weren't too lazy to work, we wouldn't have come up with improvements that would allow us to work less with the same result. Due to various circumstances, laziness can become a bad habit. To paraphrase Paracelsus, everything is poison and everything is medicine, both are determined by the dose.

  2. Laziness can be a lack of vitamins, for example, it is a symptom of anemia or vitamin D deficiency.It seems to you that you don't want anything, you can't get up from the couch and everything is lazy, but in a good way you need to go to the endocrinologist and take tests. Anemia and D deficiency are a common topic.

  3. Laziness is a mechanism for protecting your psyche from unnecessary and meaningless activities. For me, this is the natural state of a person when he is in “standby mode”. Confusion is caused by an abundance of questions in the style of ” how to deal with laziness?” What is meant by this? How to learn to do an abundance of things without thinking about whether it is necessary at all? Questionable goal.

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