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  1. yes, it is considered, but if you take into account past experience, which portrays a person as a weak being, prone to “misdeeds”, then he needs mercy more than justice. That is why Christ showed the priority of seeking mercy, and not the search for justice. It's like in The Master and Margarita when Arkady Apollonovich demanded to expose the” technique of tricks ” and insisted on exposing it, he received it-he was immediately exposed. In other words, the person who demands justice can fall under its inauspicious law. Treat people the way you want them to treat you.

  2. more)

    you need two eyes for one.

    moreover, it is also necessary to really put the guilty in jail.
    Yes, yes, an idealist, I know.
    But it doesn't hurt to dream.

    In general, I believe that the current legislation is not effective.

    A person who has robbed someone for years will go to jail for several years.
    what kind of nonsense is this? this is not an isolated case.
    he did it consciously.
    why should he stop doing this after serving time?

    Or a killer who will sit down for 5-10 years like that.
    and then what?)

    most certainly, the guard is with maloleltkami.
    With some x**** they have almost never credited do not respond.
    and if they do respond , it's at a reduced rate.
    it is believed that they are not aware of their actions.
    But this is nonsense.

    A person at the age of 17 already chooses a profession for himself and does not realize that he will kill someone if he pokes a knife in the kidney? it's kind of disloyal.

    I am ready to believe that a person of 5 years old can not realize this.
    But at 10-already quite.
    And if he is a pancake, by 10 he did not learn to realize this – well, then sad.

    A person who did not realize that it is not necessary to walk on the Moscow Ring Road-is shot down to death.
    Why should society react differently?
    there are things that cannot be forgiven.
    and there is no redemption and no future.
    There should be no future for a person after that.

    unless as a guinea pig or kamikaze in the war.

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