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  1. Bacteria also multiply, trees spread seeds, and even like rabbits, they breed….

    What is the miracle?) almost everyone can do this. �This does not in any way detract from the value of human life, but the process itself cannot be called something special.

  2. Birth is quite an ordinary biological process, inherent in all mammals, so what's so wonderful about it? A miracle is the spontaneous materialization of a new individual, yes.

  3. It depends for whom. At 22 �is not a miracle at all. For a healthy, full-fledged young body, this is a natural biological process. But for many in the modern world, this is already becoming a miracle.

  4. I'm sorry, but since when did the birth of a child become…a miracle?

    The birth of a new life is really very interesting to watch,but you can't call the birth of a child anything so amazing.The sperm enters the egg, a zygote is formed,in the uterus for 9 months(or less)a fetus is born,then it is pushed out, and here is a new member of society)And there is nothing so strange about it, just ordinary biology)

    I would venture to suggest that the birth of a child is a miracle for those who could not conceive for a very long time,and they eventually succeeded.

  5. Miracles are relatively rare. But there are now more than seven billion people on Earth, and there were a myriad of them on Earth. It's not a miracle if it happens all the time.

    We know how the human embryo develops and is born. This is not a miracle, if explained by science.

    A mother experiences agony at the birth of a child. What kind of miracle is it that brings suffering?

    Three times no.

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