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  1. Yes, in any way. Only people love each other for different things. If both have something that the other needs, this feeling arises. Love yourself and imagine that another person feels the same way about you) The probability of this happening is not zero.

  2. Mutual love at first sight in my opinion is not present. But mutual love, when a woman loves you because you love her, is there. This is a gradual process, and for the first time, according to the classics, you will achieve it.

  3. For the fifth time, we receive a notification asking you to answer this question. Here's a more stupid and immature question, it's hard to think of. The girl was offended and decided to ask. And adult uncles, these snot chew.
    These questions should be answered by parents. Ask them…. How humanity has survived these million years is unclear!!!….
    No mutual feelings! ..

  4. Definitely. Love is primarily the communication of two people who trust each other as much as possible. Communication is not only verbal, but at all possible levels by all available means. Even from a distance, mentally. Any restrictions are just a special case of love. Everyone talks about love, but almost no one knows what it is. Therefore there are a huge number of opinions and assumptions that do not answer vital questions: what is love, what is the purpose of this gift of God, is there eternal love, why does it inevitably bring a lot of pain and suffering, can it be preserved, kept, why can't it be bought, can you love several people at once?
    To make it more clear, two words about love. This is not the truth, but only my own thoughts and conclusions. Love is the highest degree of communication on the way to knowing yourself and the world around you. The highest because it exists with absolute sincerity and openness. Why? Why open like this, but what if there's an error? Take ordinary communication. What is it based on, what is its meaning? Communication requires interest and desire. But this is not enough. Communication is the exchange of information, often very important and necessary, and we want it to be true, and not far-fetched or even false. Therefore, openness and sincerity are necessary. But if in simple communication only partial openness to specific information is possible, then this is not suitable for love. Why? Because in addition to sincerity in love, you need trust. It allows no doubt, otherwise it dies. A person only thinks that he knows himself, but he feels that this is not so. And he is looking for a person who can open himself to him to the fullest possible depth. What for? Without knowing yourself, it is impossible to understand the world, what you need from it, your place in it, the purpose of your short life.
    And when two such people meet with the same mutual desire, there is a huge interest and attraction to each other. Then both are happy to throw off all the protective armor and plunge into a completely fantastic world of love without lies and unlimited depth, which is determined only by ourselves. And then the very idea of lying becomes impossible and unnatural. A person learns not only all of himself, his feelings, his attitude to the whole world, but also his unlimited possibilities.
    They say that everyone has their own truth, their own love. This is true. And it depends only on our desire and attitude.
    Is unrequited love possible? Yes. It depends only on your courage and desire. But, this is always only half the truth of knowledge, knowledge without mutual response, feedback.

  5. I think it exists. That's the kind of love my wife and I have. There is also mutual love between me and my loved ones. I have a mutual love with my dog) And since I believe in the God of Love, I think that we have a mutual love with Him.

  6. To answer this question, you need to decide on the word that you mean. Because the word LOVE is composite and has the religious roots of Christianity, it means human god, that is, one-sided unity with God or without reciprocal unity. Next, the templating of the concepts of this very word begins, that is, in relation to children and to them there is abundant love, which is really edifying guardianship, sexual relations-to make love, to love-to contact violence, by the way, there is another destructive/violent one – to fuck, the type of bang and gasp.Love for things, animals, plants, food, money and other things in abundance, everything seems to be correct, one-sided unity, only things will not refuse and will not say they want Swami to unite and how is everything else listed?

    Further, the concept of wanting and liking, morals, being equated is not unity and has nothing to do with love even as a template, because just the desire to have

    type o virtually planned, but not implemented.

    From all of the above and, accordingly, not correctly asked question, mutual love, can be a person only in the consciousness of the mind as a template / general concept, because in reality, the behavior in reciprocity is very much dependent on the consciousness of the human mind, moreover, if we talk about the female and male their different perceptions of themselves and in the external. This is where the problems are hidden, in understanding and edifying each other. Why immediately and edification / violence in influence or as they say RELATIONS-bearing claims and assaults, but not realizing the essence of the opposite, which is very distant from each other, because unity in one whole does not occur, sometimes through physical, verbal and even general contact, always one-sidedness.

    And, the reason, is banal to the point of outrage, it all depends on the consciousness of the mind-its expanded perception and awareness of this all in everything, each person and not only between wives. and men's, but also their own kind and even to things and children and everything in everything. Therefore, in order for there to be, or rather, unity with whom or what, you need to have close ones in terms of consciousness, this does not affect the birth of children, but affects who will grow them and how, and things should not control the consciousness of the person.

  7. Love,as it is usually understood in the world,is also mutual,but it is not long-term, and brings only pain.Here are some examples – Romeo and Juliet, Carmen, even in the fairy tale about Pinocchio, Piero loved Malvina and always cried and composed poems.God always destroys such love,because the lover makes an idol out of another person.Such love is opposed to God,because it recognizes another person as its own,and not God's,and wants everything to be good for the beloved, regardless of the laws of God.For the sake of a loved one, such love can cause harm to other people.Passionate love-passion brings only suffering.

  8. Of course it exists. I don't need to go far for an answer. My father and mother loved each other very much. During their 27 years of marriage, they never quarreled, there was not a single scandal in our house, they always found an opportunity to decide-discuss-talk. I still have a younger brother, so everyone in our house knew where the money was, and I could easily take 1 ruble from there (for example) and go to the cinema (70s of the year) without asking anyone. And sometimes it often happened that I would look in the same wallet and see that there was a little bit of money there, so I didn't take anything out of it then. So mutual love exists.

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