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  1. The most correct religion will be the original one. Every ancestral nation has its own ancestral religion. For the Slavic people, the original religion is paganism. And paganism is an ancestral faith only for Slavs. Therefore, it will be correct for Slavs to practice paganism, and not some other religion. Similarly, for other peoples other than the Slavs, yazychesvto will not be the right religion, since they have their own original religion and these peoples must profess their own original religion.

  2. Since people are quite different, live in different conditions, have different life values, different language, culture, etc., there are many ways to achieve God (religions). The very argument between believers about whose religion is more correct or better is just as stupid as the argument about whose wife is more beautiful. If you have chosen a wife, then obviously she is the most beautiful for you, and even if the whole world says otherwise, you will hardly change your mind, just because you love her. So it is with religions, for every sincere believer, his religion is the best, but how else can he love God in it?

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