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  1. I would like the world of my imagination to exist as a separate dimension, and I could go there and live for a while as if in reality. Because the world around us is too poor for magic and incredibly slow compared to thought.

  2. How I love questions that make me think about myself, thank you! As I understand it, it's about the thing, not the ability. Although I live by the principle-everything I need-I will buy-today there is something that I can not buy yet. A place of solitude-very far away from everyone, with a minimum of contacts, but technically equipped. I don't even know exactly where or what it is. But I really need a place like this.

  3. This is certainly not a thing….I would like, like Adam and Eve, to have a personal contact with God, when God looks you in the face, asks you questions, when you ask questions to God. I, like Albert Einstein, would like to see God at work, when He creates and creates.

  4. Kindness and justice in people. I would take this to make People Kinder and fairer.

    I need these things. They will especially help me to be myself, and not a Lonely Outcast from an Evil Society.

  5. Nice, spacious apartment in the city center, within a 10-minute walk from work. So that you don't have to depend on public transport for all its problems. Fast, modern, powerful computer. To at least temporarily forget about the problem of saving data on aging hard disks.

  6. Freedom, perhaps. Freedom from absolutely everything: from money, from friends, from sex and other needs, from property. Become a completely simple and indifferent person. Here's the top of my whims, so far 🙂

  7. Microphone stand. Very cool stuff and very necessary for rehearsals at home. The reason – it's a pity to spend two mowers. Actually, here's what really bothers me.

  8. If we talk about what you can really have, then for me this is a family family tree. If you perceive it as a thing, then it can be a notebook with notes or at least a computer file. Things that have material value are also important, but I can't think of any that can even compare closely with the one I gave above (not at any particular moment, but throughout my life).

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