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  1. .. compare with you in greatness, in pride, in vanity, in the best, in intelligence, in beauty, in choiceness…

    Well, who can compare to Your Majesty?

    So there was no one left…

  2. Shifting responsibilities. Well, how do you imagine it? And if a person is not socially alone? Team, family, neighbors. And he cries from psychological loneliness. And it requires love. This is not our way. These are Hollywood fairy tales. Russia is a country of wise, responsible, serious people. If you want to be friends, communicate yourself. If you want understanding, be understanding. If you want love, learn to love.

  3. People perceive loneliness in different ways, for some it is to be completely alone, and for others this feeling develops at the level of feelings. But most often, this is just a misconception, since people will never be left alone.

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