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  1. Almost Zeno's paradox: it changes and does not change at the same time.

    Human psychology is a complex, multi-level, open system.

    And if in the area of core values and beliefs, changes are extremely slow, then in the area of enriching life experience, development occurs very quickly.

    How does a person change?

    There is no single universal standard of people's changeability – each person is unique, just as his life experience, the conclusions obtained in the course of it, and the values and beliefs formed on their basis are unique.

    need is formed by Values (not an obvious vital necessity).

    A person's understanding of what exactly he wants to change in himself determines the need for a need.

    Awareness of the power of need creates a powerful incentive dynamic motivation.

    activityMotivation shifting to the goal, starts and the person begins to change.

    If there is no internal need for change, but there are externally imposed requirements, then defenses are triggered and the person sabotages any changes.

    It is the sincere, frank answer of a person why, in the name of what he should change and lies at the heart of change. And in accordance with the answers, changes are also taking place.

  2. People change just because of changes in the psyche. They grow, adapt, adapt, learn new things, take responsibility, improve their skills, try on new roles and reach their potential.

  3. It changes, transforms, it is very flexible and flexible(for all Living Things are constantly in Motion). If it did not change, its carrier would die at the first difficult situation of nervous tension. The question is how much the changes in the Psyche,, like,, and are realized by the carrier itself… And how he helps himself in his own creations , whether he is comfortable with the changes that exist or hinders his own development.

  4. “Simply” – you will get to know them better, because you have changed yourself – your psyche has developed. Everything flows, everything changes in the river of human life.Of course, there are ossified “slaves of habit”,but in every rule there are exceptions. Those who “want to” develop, those who don't want to – they don't even stand still, they degrade.

  5. The psyche does not change and changes at the same time. Two-thirds of it is formed before the age of four and the rest reaches the age of 17. At the age of 17, the psyche is fully formed and continues to improve, or vice versa, it degrades.

  6. They change. Even the way of understanding the world is changing, the way of thinking, values, and strength of mind are changing – everything is changing. Even physically, people change in some common parameters!

  7. There is a rod on which everything else is strung. If a person, over the course of life, begins to see his true core-to see himself-then he (if he really wants to be real himself) can also change his psyche.

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