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  1. Here's what helps me:

    • Mindfulness: I notice emotions, observe them, do not react to them immediately, give myself a break to think about whether to go for an emotion or not.

    • Mode: in order not to shake the psyche, I sleep, eat and rest enough.

    • Relationships: Being in a stable, supportive relationship is very important for BPD.

    • I remember my values: it helps you survive dark periods and build the life you want to live.

    • I use the skills and exercises I learned during therapy.

    • I support myself and take care of myself.

    • I avoid potentially unstable relationships instead of getting involved in them.

  2. Borderline personality disorder is not a life sentence. In addition to therapy, every day such a person needs: to be in normal living conditions, to receive support from relatives and friends, and to believe in their own strength. This is the most important thing, along with therapy.

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