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  1. My older brother and I, as children, built a logical chain: our mom and dad are essentially strangers to each other, because they have different blood, therefore, since we are from both of them, their blood is mixed in us, which means that it is the same in us, and from the fact that there is a concept like blood relationship, it follows that we are the most

    And even though I'm already a big aunt and familiar with genetics, etc., but I still consider my brother the most native person)

  2. If we talk about psychology, then probably because you grew up together, kept common secrets, took care of each other, in my opinion this is obvious.

  3. In childhood and adolescence, my older sister and I (a difference of 4.5 years) were not very close. There was no hostility or competition between us, but she has a rather explosive temperament and pronounced maximalism, and I, on the contrary, am inert, I am so conformist, and in our communication the contrast of characters was greatly aggravated. This trend is still there, but now I know how to regulate my reactions, I know where to avoid interaction in general, and it also grows with wisdom. For example, in no case can we work on one project as equal team members, only if one of us is a simple contractor or an independent consultant, in no other way, otherwise it will be a scandal. And now to the heart of the matter – we are very similar in our views, and, what is very important for both of us, in our tastes. It's not just that we don't like the same music and style of clothing. This is – we look for very similar things in sounds, images, words, people, states, systems. We belong to the same era, and the age difference that was large in childhood is now faintly felt – memories are very similar, cultural codes are the same. We understand each other well, as we have approximately the same level of empathy and awareness. Only she's a little better at listening to intuition and drawing deeper conclusions, and I'm a little more on my own wavelength, so it's easier for me to adapt to problematic situations. In short, we are like two eyes that look in the same direction, but from slightly different angles

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