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  1. I believe that books on psychology are, as a rule, textbooks on psychology, reference books, workshops, etc. They will not help at a critical moment in life if the reader does not have the appropriate education. But I know an exception – a manual for helping yourself “Face the subconscious”. Author-Muriel Schiffman-author of the method of self-therapy, a student of the Department of Psychology.

    I would like to add that there is a lot of literature called psychological right now. The problem is that books that fall under this category are written by people who have successfully (or they think that they have successfully) overcome difficulties and achieved success (these are usually not psychologists or, in my opinion, dubious psychologists). I believe that these books are not psychological literature. Remember that if a person writes about his biography, about some concept based on his experience, then he is a motivational speaker and his experience cannot be successfully transferred to a large number of people. Read such literature, analyze it, try it on yourself, but do not take the advice given in it for a panacea.

  2. You see, the essence of psychology is to change the attitude to the problem, without changing the problem itself. You know, like I'm walking down the street, I put my foot in the shit, I close my eyes and start thinking convulsively, so it's not shit, it's not shit, it's sand, I'm on the beach, everything's fine… And I go on. Only here the smell remains with me and still spoils my life.

    instead of brushing yourself off and moving on.

    Well, although, you probably didn't mean directly psychology, psychology, but books about the ability to live, giving answers to your life, how to become happy, accept yourself and all that. So I don't know why I wrote this.

    Well, actually, yes, these are probably the answers that everyone is looking for.

    Let me advise you, 1 book, 2 websites, and 1 movie

    Neil Donald Walsh, “Conversations with God”

    <url> website (Choose any article list on the side and read it)

    The movie “Highway 60”

    Words are hard to explain what all this will give you, but in my opinion, the truth should please, inspire and bring you closer to happiness, and not make cosmetic changes in life. And yes, that's what it's all about.

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