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  1. This statement, from whomever they come, coincides with my personal observations. But this also includes from 80 to 95 % of psychologists. So be careful with what psychologists say.

  2. They probably don't know what it is. And it is poorly developed.

    Any word has a bottom of the concept (the volume of meaning). And when you know as many words as possible in full, you see the context of what is said and written more deeply. Accordingly, the quality of the decisions made is better.

  3. Conceptual thinking is a type of thinking that uses concepts and logical constructions. This is from Wikipedia.

    Now we look at others: 90% do not exactly use logic and understanding in understanding the cause-and-effect relationships of phenomena and things.

    These are also various obsessives, fanatics of ideas ( patriotism, hatred of America, obsession with some area – sports, fashion, TV shows…anything), these are all believers, about whom clever Nevzorov said: “There is faith – there is no need for intelligence ( that is, just logic).” In the sphere of modern times – these creepy maskers, walking in masks in parks and forests and those who go ALONE in their car in a mask…even to look at it is disgusting, as if these are not Homo SAPIENS but creatures without intelligence.

    In general, according to my observations, the name of all of them is LEGION!

  4. Well, most people don't have conceptual thinking, so what? What comments do you need? Why is that? Why not? What exactly do you want to comment on?

  5. You have already received a wonderful response from the psychologists themselves. Which are also, imagine, people. But I want to look at another aspect of this problem. Non-mastery of the conceptual apparatus – is it about people or about their school of thought that sets or does not? Maybe about Wednesday? What's the point? Not to eugenics.

  6. No comment!
    If they say PSYCHOLOGISTS, then they probably don't KNOW.
    Imagine, 80-95% (Your score) of your pack will try to PECK you, secretly hating your score, along with you.
    “Identification, ” you see…
    Good luck!

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