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  1. In general, he's right. For the sake of a complete picture, the rest of the animal activities should be included here: sleep, sexual relations, protection and entertainment. If human life does not go beyond these five types of activity, then, fundamentally, such a person does not differ in the presence of a human spiritualized mind, which is able to set appropriate goals that are not related to, again, these types of activities.

    And to check the level of animality in a person is very simple: just ask-what do you live and work for? Many people throw up their hands saying: “If I don't work, there will be nothing to eat, nowhere to live, etc.” This kind of fear is similar to the fear of a dog that voluntarily becomes the servant of someone who can give it a bowl of food and a booth. From this point of view, it becomes obvious that some people live, in general, an animal life and for the sake of fulfilling their animal desires(food, sex, protection, entertainment, recreation) do not disdain to cross the moral horizon of events by committing crimes.A person whose mind goes beyond such animal life can be considered a human being.

    We must also understand that even the desire for excessive food, excessive living space, excessive entertainment, excessive recreation, and excessive sexual activity is also an animal life, just in a larger form. And the ultimate goal of such a person's life is the same animal form of existence. So, think carefully about what you live for and what you work for.

  2. The author is wrong about this … Everyone read “Robinson Crusoe”, whether he became an animal thinking only about food, toilet, whether he forgot how to talk… Of course, you can put a person in bestial conditions, deprive him of his freedom,but as long as he is a reasonable person, he will do everything as his conscience, skills and habits of his previous life tell him.. And by the way, animals also have instincts – not only about food and satisfying natural needs – but also the love of a wolf for her children ( regurgitating her food feeds her puppies with this), about the attachment of swans to each other, the help of a pack of wolves to a wounded or old wolf….

  3. What is the spiritual life? Well, for example, I read a lot of books since childhood, I change my views…and my friend does not read at 28 years old at all and he is quite smart, he gives out thoughts that I did not find in the thinkers of the past. He stupidly learns from his life, although it seems that SPIRITUALITY(tm) is not about him.

    Well, or Omar Khayyam and Bukovsky, who completely combined alcoholism, fornication and creative activity. Were they spiritual?

  4. In reverse order:)

    For a newborn, eating is the most important thing in life.

    As a person develops, he forms new needs. Including spiritual ones. But a hungry person will do this much more slowly than a full one.

  5. Natural types of mental structure:

    1. Animal structure of the psyche.
    2. Zombie biorobot.
    3. Demon.
    4. Human structure of the psyche.

    There is another subspecies-this is omitted in unnatural. This is the type of person who smokes, drinks, and uses drugs.�

    There are no authorities for animals, they can only eat and shit. The subspecies of the animal is cattle. It destroys everything around it.

    Zombie biorobot lives according to legends, guided by authorities. He doesn't think with his own head. A famous person may well be a zombie.

    The demon is his own authority. He knows what he wants and subordinates others to his will in order to achieve the goal. A great scientist or an experienced leader may well be a demon. Sometimes it seems that the demon works for the benefit of society, but in reality it has its own selfish interest.

    The human system of the psyche lives in harmony with other people, the biosphere and the universe as a whole.

    I suggest that everyone strive for the human structure of the psyche.

  6. I'm not good at telling cautionary tales, but I'll describe the situation I witnessed.�

    My stepfather led a rather limited lifestyle all his life, which was reduced to tyrannizing over his loved ones, letting go of his hands, watching TV, eating delicious and varied food, working and bathing once a week. He had no other hobbies.�

    Over the years, he has remained interested only in food and the person has become desecrated ( or desecrated? which is correct?) �so that I forgot the norms of adequate behavior. If, for example, you put him and a pig at the same table, the pig will apologize and ask to change places with someone.�

    All he wants is a good meal and a good night's sleep. And mock the household. A useless piece of fat that poisons other people's lives.

  7. A person always feels, experiences, knows, believes, strives and consumes. In any status. Someone-sand, someone-brick. All this together led, for example ,to the Second World War and to what we have now,and what will happen is unknown. Stop whining for the Person. )

  8. I think I'm right. For a spiritless person, everything material comes first and foremost.
    Psalm 49: 12 And yet a man, even if he is held in high esteem, will not live long.
    It's like animals that are dying.
    This is the way of the foolish,
    As well as those who follow them and find pleasure in their haughty speeches.
    A person who is held in high esteem, but has no understanding,
    It looks like animals that are dying.

  9. Yes, it is logical, the main thing is not to understand spirituality as a faith or religion. But rather interpret it as follows:

    “Spiritual” means connected with the inner world of a person, his moral aspirations and intellectual activity. …

    Spiritual life usually includes people's knowledge, faith, feelings, experiences, needs, aspirations, and goals. Taken together, they constitute the spiritual world of the individual.

    Primitive hedonism makes human life a mere existence. For example, this can be seen in people who are broken in spirit, with psychological traumas, when they suddenly begin to simply exist, moving away from society.�

    If you watched typical TLC shows, you probably saw examples when a person's injuries force him to withdraw into himself and he basically has nothing left but… well, eating and sleeping, yes, as an example. such a person does not even notice how he becomes a burden to his relatives and others, he does not have ethical triggers in relation to others.

    In fact, I think that alcoholism and drug addiction can also be attributed to the loss of spirituality in a person. The consequences are still the same, but it is not in gluttony that a person satisfies his primitive desires.

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