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  1. The question is formulated in such a way that it is impossible to pass it by. I have cousins in Ukraine, and if in 2014-15 you could hear strange reproaches about our Russian family as aggressors, now communication is normal and calm. But I think that the reasons for resentment and complaints are actually much deeper than emotions about the Crimea or the Luhansk and Donetsk regions (republics). Do these grievances and claims cause hatred towards Russia? Probably, for someone, yes (and in our country, many people are very angry at someone and for something). Nevertheless, there are problems, and you need to know them in order to solve them. At least in the future.

    The main problem is the identity crisis of the Ukrainian people. And it began not with the collapse of the USSR, not with the Russo-Lithuanian wars of the times of Gedemin and Olgerd, who in the 14th century seized the south-western lands of Russia, including Kiev, but much earlier. If anyone has read books about the strange history of Ukraine-Rus with the claim that Russia “stole” her baptismal name from Ukraine, they understand what it's about. Here, I think, lie the roots of the identity crisis of the Ukrainian people.

    The essence of the Ukrainian claim to Russia is that allegedly in the 12th century, when the entire Russian land from Novgorod to Kiev was falling apart due to internecine strife, and all sorts of Mstislavs, Vseslavs, Olegs and other Monomashichs and Olgovichs (descendants of Yaroslav the Wise through his grandsons Vladimir Monomakh and Oleg Svyatoslavovich) had no time to track toponymic changes in the area-principalities and destinies became more important – somehow it turned out that Rostov – on-Don was named Russia.Suzdal land together with the newly founded city of Vladimir, and then Moscow. Wooden and northern, it was miraculously strengthened under the Mongol conquerors in the 14th century, during the time of Ivan Kalita , and then all the way to Ivan the Third, Vasily the Third and Ivan the Terrible.

    How did it happen that Russia, formed by the will of Prince Oleg the Prophetic in 882 by combining Novgorod and Kiev, “moved” from Kiev to the north-eastern, weak, servile Moscow of the Horde? Ukrainian history modestly keeps silent on this question, making claims to Russia: they say that it stole the name (Rus-Russia) and does not want to return it. Therefore, they have to be called by the later toponym “Ukraine” – from the word” oukraina”, marginal, border land. Ukraine, which is actually Rus, but due to the” theft ” of the name is now forced to be called differently.

    The problem is solved simply – but it is not easy to convince Ukrainian historians to follow the historical truth. Because during the time of freedom from “Russians and Soviets”, this Ukrainian history, in order to justify the current name of the state and its categorical genetic alienation to the northern sister, invented a lot of amazing fairy tales and myths. Including the unreal “Ukras” – almost the most ancient people in Europe. Naturally, European historians (the only authorities for academic Ukraine) have criticized the Ukrov theory. Therefore, they returned again with the problem of name theft, trying not to mention anywhere that the transfer of the capital of ancient Russia from Kiev to Vladimir (Rostov-Suzdal Russia) was carried out by Grand Duke Andrey Bogolyubsky in 1169. He had the right to do so – being a descendant of the Grand Duke of Kiev and Rostov-Suzdal Yuri Dolgoruky, he arrived in Kiev, committed a brutal massacre of rebellious relatives and separated seniority from the place, in fact tying the throne not to the city, but to the prince. Where there is a grand duke, there is a throne (capital). Therefore, since then, Kiev is not a capital city. And the capital city is the city of Vladimir Suzdal, dear to Andreev's heart. What about Kiev? And Kiev and all its lands from that day on are called the Russian land-no more, no less. So, the 1169th, in fact, the transfer of the capital of Russia to Vladimir. After the Tatar-Mongol invasion of Vladimir in 1238, the capital slowly migrated again. And the reason for the transfer was the little-known and quiet son of Alexander Nevsky, Daniel of Moscow, who in 1277 marked the beginning of the Moscow Rurik dynasty. Vladimir is ruined, but Moscow under the sons of Daniel gradually joins more and more cities and lands. Already the clever and calculating Ivan Danilich Kalita extends his power to Tver and Ryazan. And his great-grandson Ivan the Third assumes the title of Sovereign of All Russia and refuses the Mongolian label. Under him, Russia finally got rid of the Horde yoke (1480), and in a number of documents it became known as Russia. That's all there is to it.

    But Ukraine does not recognize the legality of moving the capital to Vladimir. And the moment when Andriy Bogolyubsky refused to occupy the Kievan throne is considered by them to be the time of separate and independent development of Ukrainian statehood and nationality, independent of Moscow. All arguments involving documents, diplomas, chronicles that up to the 19th century ordinary people, peasants, artisans, Cossacks stubbornly called themselves Russians are not taken into account. At the same time, the perseverance of the people who lived in the 14th and 17th centuries under the yoke of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, striving to “educate” the locals for themselves, really inspires respect. They refused to be baptized into the Uniate, and the Cossacks repeatedly turned to the Moscow tsar with a promise to serve Russia, because they considered themselves Orthodox and Russian (Russianness was then determined precisely by adherence to the Orthodox faith and tradition). But here even Gogol with his faithful fatherly duty Tars Bulba is not taken into account.

    Nevertheless, it would be wrong to say that under the long-term influence of internal feuds, then Poland, and later Austria-Hungary in the west of Ukraine, in the mentality and culture of the south-western (former) Nothing has changed in Russia. Of course, there were changes, and Ukrainian ideologists, although one-sided, but in general correctly identified the vector of differences – this is the Cossacks with their fundamentally different approaches to life, everyday life, managing themselves and their land compared to the Moscow “vertical” measured patriarchal way of life. Hetmanism is a kind of military democracy, with the ability to serve many masters (both the Polish gentry, the Russian tsar, and the Crimean Khan), but at the same time remain spiritually true only to their unwritten laws and ideas of honor. It was not the language or uniatism, but the “horizontal”, dynamic, politically flexible, but surprisingly unified Cossacks that were the core of the people, who adopted to a certain extent similar features of “character”. Nevertheless, it should be forgotten that the Cossacks sincerely considered themselves Orthodox subjects of the Moscow tsar and Patriarch, although they knew that they were not always well treated by them due to the uncontrollability and “savagery” of this armed and violent mass. Meanwhile, freemen – this peculiar feature of the south of Russia manifested itself soon after the death of Yaroslav the Wise, with his sons. In 1068, the civil strife grew together with the rebellion, where the Kievans took the most active part. They expelled one prince, shouted out another, and then “ruled” the country through riots, pogroms, and other seething events. “We don't want more than Izyaslav Yaroslavovich, we want Vseslav Bryachislavovich.” “We don't like more Monomashichi, give us Olgovich.” This tradition of shouting princes and their violent shifts certainly had an impact on the formation of the mentality. There is absolutely no “smell” of respect for the authorities here. If not everything, then a lot of things are decided by the crowd, and at the level of “like – dislike”, “nice – not nice”. Yesterday I handed out bread, I was nice, today I threatened to punish you for theft, but I'm not nice. Hetmans were chosen in much the same way. This whole peculiar tradition was called democratic and contrasted with the” Horde ” Moscow with its powerful tsarist power, rigid vertical structure and Orthodox domostroy, extended to all spheres of life. “We are natural democrats, you are servile servants of the sovereign” – this is another “borderline” claim and brand on everyone at once. Even the Novgorodians and Pskovites, who lived in Veche democracy for almost 600 years. It's not about democracy or monarchy in general , it's about principles. With the help of surreptitiously instilled hostility, it is easier to control the masses who are used to living on the principle of “like – dislike”, and just smash and take revenge on those who did not live up to expectations. Even now, it's noticeable. Of course, there are strong positive aspects in this internal freedom, for example, an increase in the self-esteem of the victorious group of subjects or citizens, a feeling that you are included in the most important political decisions and are able to personally and independently of the class or status to solve them. Let it be on the Maidan, let it be shouted out – but only the tsars decided what was there, in distant Muscovy in the 14th and 19th centuries. Since then, the south of Russia has become more politicized than the north-east. And this particular politicization often arouses hostility and negativism towards anyone who has somehow looked or done something wrong somewhere.

    All other claims of Ukraine to Russia stem from this. “Stole” the name, for a long time – since the reunification of Ukraine with Russia in the middle of the 17th century, ruled, “deprived of independence”, etc. These reproaches, depending on the events of modern and contemporary history, grow with new” facts”, and frankly falsifying them.

    For example, the claim that Ukraine, which became part of the USSR on its own, was “oppressed” is not just untrue, but is an obvious lie. Ukraine, thanks to the tutelage of V. I. Lenin, who fell in love with it precisely for its freedom-loving nature, which, in his opinion, the Great Russians cannot have due to” great Russian chauvinism”, gained its large borders with the regions included there that were not considered Ukrainian until 1922: Little Russia and the Donbass. N. S. Khrushchev, as you know, gave the Crimea, and violated the union constitution and all the procedures necessary for such a transfer. In the USSR, the national culture and language were generously nurtured in Ukraine, agriculture and industry were carefully protected – there were always increases in everything. I do not take the famine years of the early 1930s, because famine was mowing down the vast Volga region. But the Ukrainian authorities at one time demanded compensation from Russia for the allegedly specially committed holodomor. Any fact that supposedly “confirms” their otherness and alienness is the main core of the national identity imposed on Ukrainians. Therefore, inculcation of hostility here is one of the tools for solving problems with identity. Hostility, even hatred, is beneficial – people in the face of the enemy are more united and ready to sacrifice more than demand. Therefore, as long as Ukraine is looking for itself and its name with history, the problems with hostility imposed on the people will continue. It is clear that ordinary people do not want to be hostile, that the most powerful periods of our history have always been shared – especially the victories: over the Swedes in 1709, over the Fascist invaders. But mental and ideological contradictions also exist, and they cannot be denied. The problem is that they are constantly being exaggerated. Russia, you are a stranger to us, go away and disappear-that's all the pathos of the Kiev political scene. It is clear that this position is by no means peaceful, to say the least.

    “Ukraine is not Russia” – such a book was written by former President of Ukraine Kuchma. Then this formula was continued with the well-known slogan Ukraine-tse Europe. Well, the escalation of problems with identity occurred when, due to the revolutionary devastation in the minds and society, Ukraine lost Crimea and became mired in armed conflicts in the southeast. If there was a reason , there would be a reason to get drunk. A new escalation of accusations, and this time “warmed up” with hatred and intransigence quite a large number of people. A strong nationalist strain only made matters worse. Everyone understands that it was the Maidan pro-nationalist hysteria that most people in Crimea and the South-East could not stand. But what has been done to calm the situation and calm it down, apart from the threats to “come and punish everyone severely”? At least from the logic that in slow-moving ideological conflicts there is no one absolutely innocent party, it was still necessary to decide on their own problems. And try to solve them by slightly reducing the intensity of accusations and claims-emotions, as you know, are very hindering when making informed decisions.

    In principle, there are ways out of all these ideological traps, but this is an internal matter of the Ukrainian people and the political will of the country's leadership. And the identity crisis can never be solved with the help of fairy tales and ideological inventions. Only on the basis of objective data, sources, thoughtful versatile approaches, and internal reconciliation with our own very difficult history.

    In general, it's easier to get angry than to do something. Although, of course, there is no pathological universal hatred, there is a misunderstanding, and from all sides. Of course, it is a pity that someone builds bridges and someone digs holes and falls there himself. But what should I do? It is impossible to return the name Rus, as well as other losses to Ukraine. But you can look at what happened a little differently. My relatives and I have found such a consensus – we do not discuss political issues, do not accuse anyone of anything, we strive to get information from various sources and be critical of slogans and ideologisms. And of course, we share only the most joyful news. And we've been doing quite well for the last three years. It would just be a mutual desire – there will definitely be a way to reconcile.

  2. I know a lot of Ukrainians, I have a lot of relatives in Ukraine, but I personally don't know a single Ukrainian who hates me. I don't really understand why I should hate someone I don't know and who hasn't done anything wrong to me.

  3. If by the principle of “What is the question, is the answer”, then you can answer like this:

    probably because we live a better life. Because they saved their country when they saved theirs… let's say… they loved me… Because our president is a man and their president is a clown. For the fact that we put our Nazis in prisons, and they put their own in the parliament and city councils. For the fact that our country accumulates a gold reserve, and their country – only debts. For the fact that we sell them lard, and not only that. For the fact that we are proud of our country, and they have nothing to be proud of, except for the mythical ancient exploits of the mythical proto-Sukrs. So, somewhere…

  4. I wonder who formulated this provocative question? How can one part of the people hate another part of the same people? Another thing is the scumbags raised by Western special services on Sorov grants. So there are such people in Russia as well. The CIA is not asleep and once they have taken a course to destroy our country, they are systematically working on this in all areas. That's why we can't sit in the trenches. It is necessary not only to repel their dastardly attacks, but also to go on the offensive ourselves.

  5. And it depends on who you call a Ukrainian. I was vacationing in Odessa in a private hut dating back to the Soviet era. At the common table, the “zapadenka” from Lviv boiled up, outraged by the Ukrainian language of a family from Donbass. And even then it became clear that there are two Ukraine. Delving into the depth of history, we see that the left – bank Ukraine VOLUNTARILY joined Moscow, and the right-bank one was CAPTURED and it had to be “liberated from Polish oppression” for a long time. In Levoberezhnaya – Orthodox. in Pravoberezhnaya – Uniates. …. and so on. Because OUR PEOPLE are with us. and NOT OURS with them and do not like us. The answer lies in the distant past of Ukraine.

  6. I think that those Ukrainians who hate me-they do it out of envy that we stayed in Russia, and they are forced to flounder in this Ukraine, which is neither this nor that, like not Russia, or Europe, like a country, but like just a territory where the remnants of what we built there under the USSR fall apart every year – and something new does not arise, only the restoration of Nazi collaborationism is

    And, apparently, those who organize state propaganda in Ukraine in such a way as to promote negative feelings about Russia are those who are not interested in the future of the Ukrainian people in principle, for them this is expendable material, so they spend it.

  7. As a person who communicates with Ukrainians, I can confidently say that ordinary Ukrainians do not hate Russians. It is clear that there is such a special group that succumbed to the provocations of its authorities and went into hysterical laughter. But the overwhelming majority of people are more than loyal to the Russians. And here it is more appropriate to speak not about Ukrainians as a nationality, but about residents of Ukraine. Because ethnic Ukrainians who have long lived in Russia do not hate Russians and consider themselves Russians.

    Why do people with brain disorder hate us? For the fact that we are. Hatred of Russians among a number of residents of Ukraine has been cultivated since the time of Polish rule, since the victories of Ivan III over the Polish-Lithuanian troops. But, what is pleasing, there are really few such people.

  8. For being Russian. For most people, Russians and Russians are one and the same thing. For a Western or European person, whether you are a Tatar, Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian, you are still a Russian. and people don't mind. And not all Ukrainians hate Russians, because 40% of the population there is Russian. Hatred or dislike is the result of the Ukrainian closed information space. Especially for people who are not familiar with the Internet. Still, if you want, you can watch Russian media TV on the Internet.

  9. I'm Belarusian, but I'll answer your question. First of all, Ukrainians (and others) hate not Russians, but the policy of the Russian state. Why? Yes, because in the 30 years that have passed since the collapse of the USSR, in all newly formed countries, the second generation of those who did not find this largely artificial education is already growing. People speak their own national languages, support their athletes, and idols for them are their artists… This is natural, but for some reason the Russian elite stubbornly does not notice this, trying to hammer into the brain, first of all, the Russian people, that all the former Soviet republics 24 hours a day only dream of being back in the empire, where all the main issues are resolved in Moscow, which you can still try to get to, and not in your capital, where a couple of hours away by minibus or train…

    This is in Russia, the expanses are such that you can not go around in a lifetime. But the former Soviet republics have Europe, China, Turkey at their side, and there are no problems moving anywhere in the world. People have learned how to live in civilized countries, and for some reason they do not want to go back to a place where everyone is equal, but someone is necessarily more equal. Or do you think that no one knows that in Moscow and the Moscow region, the whole of Russia is on watch? And why is this so? Yes, because in other regions it is not so smeared with honey, is it? And, you won't believe it, the TV phrases “But we have the coolest missiles!” do not warm anyone in any former Soviet republic!!! After all, a simple hard worker doesn't care how many millions of dollars Gazprom bought another zvezda for Zenit – he wonders why gasoline becomes more expensive when oil becomes cheaper!!!

    And how does your lawlessness differ from the one that is spread to smithereens on your TV in reports from those very republics?

    It was like this, basically. As for Ukraine, the Russian authorities show more interest in this territory than in all the other former Soviet republics combined. First, it is access to the Black Sea with all the ensuing consequences. And, secondly (and this is probably more important than the fact that in the first place), this is the only country where there is a clear division into East and West – well, how can this not be used? And no one thinks: well, even if you suddenly put Ukraine under you, then what? Is it possible that at one point everyone will start shouting” Hurrah!”? And if they do, who will pay for all this? They are well aware that in the event of “reunification” they will become truly poor – or will you give them 10 percent of their salaries?! This is where all the hatred comes from (I repeat, not to Russians, but to the politics of the Russian state).: let them make mistakes somewhere, but they have built a system where there is a turnover of power, and no normal person will exchange this thing for the next Brezhnevs, who are only feet first from the palace!!!

    And, by the way, no one thought that it is much easier not to drag someone to your empire by force, but to show that it is really better to live in this empire? No wonder they say: “Be simple, and people will reach out to you!!!”

    And a test in my head: I'm not just a Belarusian, I've been living and working in Russia for a year and a half, so I'm perfectly aware of what I'm talking about. By the way, I also say such things out loud, so that some people don't say that I'm brave only on my laptop. So, even if there were those who disagreed with my point of view, then in a calm conversation they at least began to think. After all, I am not insulting anyone, but only expressing my view from the outside, because I have many friends of Ukrainians who do not have any hatred for Russians – you can consider everything I said partly their point of view on this issue. And all the TV nonsense has nothing to do with it at all…

  10. Although the question is provocative, but I will answer it. Won't the Ukrainians see the Russians? Russians will not be harmed by nationalists who pretend to be Ukrainians. Not the least role in this was played by Western European propaganda. Reformatting of Ukrainians took place very competently, which means that it was done by very competent people in psychology. (Possibly specially prepared ones).

  11. Because this is a nation of cowards and traitors, such people only know how to hate, but they are not given to love, they have too small souls. They ruin their “beloved” Ukraine, hand over their factories for scrap, and all dream of a bright future that they can't even really formulate. I can't stand Khokhlovs either, ugh.

  12. Russia is under the sign of Aquarius, Ukraine – under the sign of Taurus. . The angle between Taurus and Aquarius is a tense 90 degrees. We are close to each other, but we have to live side by side.

  13. Russians, by nature, are lazy.And the Ukrainians are hardworking,like the Germans, practical and tight-fisted.Where the crest has passed,the Jew has nothing to do.The Russians have a lot of minerals on their territory,but their land is empty.And if they lived well in the USSR, now they have to pay for everything,and they naturally do not like it.

  14. It's always been like this. I was told by an elderly woman who was born in the East of Ukraine in the Russian-speaking part, that even during the Soviet era in Western Ukraine they were treated with hostility. I was a child in Vinnytsia before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and also sometimes felt hostility. Now it has increased due to political differences and the “heating up” of hostility among Ukrainians.

  15. And why do our people hate Americans?)) alas, the man from the former Soviet Union is special.

    he is a priori sure that his happiness is hindered by evil enemies.
    not a shitty government, not their own carelessness, self-interest and laziness, not the lack of an active position – namely, evil enemies.
    And naturally, those in power try to make sure that our enemies are at least in our heads.
    it's profitable.

  16. Ukrainians, for success. You yourself drank up all the Soviet heritage, fell into poverty, banditry and fascism, and now you are envious.

    And also for the fact that it was not possible to arrange a genocide in the Crimea, as it was originally planned. Although this, unfortunately, is not a special merit of the Russians, the Crimeans themselves coped for the most part. But Poroshenko ordered to believe that it was done by the Russians – the Ukrainian obediently believes. In general, at the start, Ukraine was two heads ahead of Russia, but completely screwed up, now Russia is the leader of the race,and Ukraine is a despised loser.

  17. For 5 billion rubles. greens + cookies that the United States invested in the processes that led to the Maidan and the unconstitutional change of power.

    For the fact that gas from Russia is not free.

    For the fact that they want to live in their own country, Ukraine, and earn money, at least as in Russia. I have to go abroad to earn money.

    For the fact that reality does not meet expectations, and this, of course, is someone's fault. First of all, Russia. Well, why not? Everything that is bad in the country can be attributed to Russia. The media will create an image of the enemy, and a ban on the Russian media will help make information flows have no alternative.

    For Crimea, from which Ukraine withdrew its troops. For the generals who gave this order, none of whom were hanged in the center of Kiev. It's all the Russians ' fault.

    For lying to Ukraine about the so-called war with Russia, which Kiev has never officially declared, has not imposed martial law, has not severed diplomatic relations ,has conducted the ATO and now the JFO, and has suffered losses in manpower and equipment. However, trusting Ukrainians take their current, illegitimate government in Kiev at its word that there is a war going on that Russians should be hated for.

    For volunteers from Russia who participate in the armed conflict in Southeast Asia on both sides, as well as citizens from many other countries. But the Russians are still to blame. This is not up for discussion. Moreover, all Russians on the side of the DPR and LPR are mercenaries who kill for money, and they are not tried in Russia for mercenary activities, because the evil Putin personally gave the order to kill unfortunate Ukrainians in the Donbas. And the citizens of other countries are peaceful tourists, or, at worst, volunteers. The status of Russians on the side of the ATO forces is somehow not discussed. Probably bad guys too. Just because they are Russians, and that says it all.

  18. Mongol Tatsaps have been devouring Ukrainian sausage all their lives. This is not forgiven. Therefore, Russia is obliged to produce large volumes of cowbass in several years and drive them to Ukraine in echelons.

    It is necessary to create a joint Russian-Ukrainian commission that will make a decision on the necessary volume of supplies.

  19. I am Ukrainian, my husband is Russian. And it is strange for me to hear such a question formulated unambiguously. Every flock has a black sheep, and the family is not without a freak. Like in a fairy tale-2 sons are smart, and the third is a fool. You can't judge an entire nation by individual individuals. Inciting ethnic hatred benefits politicians. Why raise silt from the bottom of the river to us, ordinary people who do not want to harm anyone. I am personally ashamed and offended by what is happening in Ukraine right now. But it's not the Ukrainians who are in power and inciting hatred, mind you.

  20. It's like a drunk who borrowed money from a neighbor,but he doesn't want to give it back – so he thinks out – how to get rid of the debt – just say – I hate you and I won't give you the money.

  21. A strange question in reality-why do the marginals hate the state? Why are there people who are not satisfied with the existing reality and demand its aggressive, revolutionary modification, when in order to achieve “universal happiness” it is necessary to take away, kill, divide, etc.?

    Answer: because there are individuals who do not want to see their own mistakes, shortcomings, slowness, stupidity, laziness, but want someone else to be responsible for all their failures, when for communists they are bourgeois who took away not only all the “added value”, but also jobs, positions, money, etc., when the Nazi was taken away by “migrants”, “limita”, “niggers” and so on, and the Ukrainian was “stolen” by Russians and Russia!

    But! You know, I am sure that one day the vector of hatred and discontent among Ukrainians will change and they, “suddenly”, “seeing clearly” will “understand” (or, as they always remember) that it was all the Anglo-Saxons who arranged it, because they eliminated Ukrainian factories, got rid of competitors, they annoyed Russia at the cost of the lives of Ukrainian servicemen, etc.in the same repertoire. The main thing that I am sure Ukrainians will not forget – “they are not to blame for anything!” – is, in fact, one of the main tenets of Ukrainism.

    What is important is not the feelings that Ukrainism feels, but that Russia should have a pure view of things and not change its attitude to any Ukraine – any Ukraine is a foreign and alien state to us.

  22. Stupid question! A person does not know life from the word at all.

    And why is it not uncommon for families to hate individual members without any reason, or for everyone to fight with everyone?

    Why do mothers throw their children out of high-rise windows onto the asphalt? Why do world-renowned scientists kill their sleeping student mistresses in retirement?

    As the old song goes ,” If you know why people fall in love, it's probably not love.” The same goes for hate.

  23. Hate speech is a profitable business on both sides. How much money can be written off for “protection”, and unaccountably. Great fortunes are made in war. And the Ukrainian proverb: “If they fight, the serfs' forelocks burn.” It's just money on someone's blood.

  24. For the fact that in 2014 we did not stop them and allowed the Zapadents to seize power. They had to be spanked and put in a corner, like dumb children.

  25. I don't know any of them. Stop fussing-come back! All that is ours will be yours, and yours will be ours. Hating yourself and your friends is bad for the soul and body. Everything is obvious-you will not get rich with evil, you will not improve your health or fate….nothing

  26. And why will a Ukrainian hate me, whom I have never seen and who has never seen me? Or did you just want to cut down the “cabbage” on nationalism in an easy way? So you already have a relevant article in store for you… Wait, they've already left for you…)))

  27. It is necessary to stop the flow of dirt in the media of Ukraine in relation to Russia. This gives rise to a distorted idea of Russia in some part of Ukrainians. Fortunately, most Ukrainians treat Russia normally. Ultimately, it is Russia that will have to save Ukraine from poverty.

  28. There are ordinary people, but there is power! How can an ordinary person be held accountable for the actions of their authorities? Can a simple person influence them, or control them? Usually, the authorities do not ask ordinary citizens what to do and what policy to pursue! This is the same as telling your boss or director what to do and how to do it! Send them somewhere else or fire them for fuck's sake!�

  29. I am a Ukrainian, born in the Kazakh SSR, and a citizen of Russia. I, like most people in Soviet times, was raised in the spirit of internationalism. It is possible to treat an individual differently, no matter what nationality he is, but each nation with its history, culture and science is worthy of respect. And if some representatives of one nationality hate “others”, then there is only one reason – upbringing. Education in the spirit of hatred of other nationalities and their infallibility and superiority. This is nationalism.

    1. For the fact that they thought they were feeding Russia and therefore it would “crawl” to Ukraine, and the result ..

    2. For the fact that they lost their privileges in subsidizing many sectors of the economy at the expense of the Union budget, and specifically from the Russian budget.

    3. For the fact that many were imprisoned in camps for cooperation with the Germans.

    4. For the fact that the fog of “new life” has lifted and they have learned that neither the West nor Russia need them.

    5. For the fact that “they are the same Russians, only Ukrainians” – Ch. V. S. This fair expression can be read to anyone as you like ..

    6. For the fact that Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia, and not vice versa.

    7. For the fact that they are so good, and the Russians are so bad.

  30. For laughing at Ukrainians, for throwing mud at Ukrainians, for killing Ukrainians, for genocide of Ukrainians, for Crimea, for Donbass – for fascism against Ukrainians… etc. etc. – if it's not enough yet…

  31. We don't care. Love us or hate us, these are your cockroaches. Well, if you really need to, you can strangle yourself to kill the Russian in you. After all, after all, we are one people. I wish you a full recovery.

  32. They hate us out of envy. Because of envy of Russia's success. And the success of Russia is the achievements and successes of all Russians. They hate us because Russia is rich in natural resources. They hate us for our growing industry and agriculture. They hate us for the space industry and healthcare. They hate us for the army and navy, for Crimea, for Putin. They hate us because they staged a bloody coup d'etat for themselves and plunged the country into poverty.

    They hate Russians about as much as prostitutes hate decent women, as losers hate excellent students, as yard dogs hate purebred dogs.

  33. there is no hatred between ordinary citizens. There is instigation on both sides by the authorities, it is beneficial for them to have enmity. And ordinary people who know how to think with their own heads, and not just believe in TV, understand everything perfectly. I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and I don't have any hatred. My husband is half Ukrainian.

  34. A question in such a generalizing form is provocative and not acceptable!

    Our peoples were friends, and I hope that the froth of current relations will subside

    and we will be good neighbors again!

  35. Both they and we have one feature inherent in the post-Soviet space – we are very well led to stupid propaganda. They think that we are to blame for their troubles, and we think that the United States is to blame. The reason? Banal stupidity

    I know some Ukrainians. My peers, 17-16 years old. For some reason, I didn't notice any signs of hatred towards me. Maybe we should leave this showdown for the cattle that got stuck in the last century?

  36. I could briefly say that the Ukrainians do not hate me. I have nothing to share with them, and we have no complaints about each other. Only it seems to me that the question is provocative, what do people want ? (I'm talking about the questioners).

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