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  1. Sexism is when the answer to the question “to beat a person or not to beat them?” it depends on their gender, and not on how guilty they are, how physically strong and capable of resistance, whether they are able to negotiate, and also not on how much it is generally acceptable to build relationships with people based on physical violence.�

    That is, if a man beats a woman because he is a man and has the right, and she is a woman-a fool and must obey and submit – he is a sexist. And if he beats her, because he generally beats everyone, both women and men, and pets, and does not know how to communicate in any other way – he is just a sadist and a redneck. But not sexist.

    If he doesn't hit a woman, because the woman is, again, a fool and still won't understand, no matter how hard you beat her, he's also a sexist.

  2. Sexism is when you only hit women.

    In other words,sexism is any discrimination against a person based solely on their gender.

    So in this case, it is (hypothetically) sexist to hit only women and only because they are women.

    p. s. in general, the case described by you is beaten/ not beaten by a simple fact of violence or its absence�

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