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    1. Most importantly, the world is not perfect. It is not static, sometimes even chaotic, it is scattered over many planets, worlds, somewhere more control, somewhere-less, somewhere in general wildness and danger, somewhere-the unknown. This is the main thing, because such a situation generates and helps to open up strong, active, intelligent people, reveals all the best that is in a person. A person is a researcher and a fighter, this is what he does best in the world.

    2. There is no absolute – neither ideological, nor religious, nor even humanistic. Somewhere in society there is more materialism, somewhere-spiritual, somewhere – hedonism, but there is no crazy worship of spirits or human desires and complexes.

    3. Absolute and unlimited freedom of speech. A complete and final taboo on any harassment of words. And in general, maximum freedom where possible. No government programs in the style of “what seeds can be grown and what can not”, “how much water should be in the drain tank” (this is now really there, by the way).

    4. Pluralism in the upper classes, elite, and bohemians. It cannot be that some ideas are accepted as dogma and others are immediately boycotted. Any art on any subject – without any comments in the style of “this is wrong, this is not right”.

    That's basically what I'd like. Conversely, the prospect of total control of everything and everything on the part of the future planetary state and fascination only with certain ideas and values on the part of future human elites is frightening.

    1. Everyone can get free training and work in the field in which they want to work. If for health reasons a person cannot fully work in a particular profession, provide more sparing conditions, and not completely close the possibility of employment.

    2. If a person cannot decide on their specialty, conduct research on their abilities for further recommendations.

    3. Different countries have their own cultural values, which do not change or degenerate.

    4. Lack of grades in the school curriculum. Instead of scolding children and blocking their way to getting a certificate, sort out mistakes and conduct individual classes with the analysis of incomprehensible topics.

    5. Global communities for connecting people with different interests, views, disorders and problems.

    6. Guaranteed minimum pension amount, age or conditions of its receipt, which cannot be changed under any circumstances by the state in the event of an unstable economic situation.

    7. Completely free high-quality medical care, including psychological and psychiatric care for people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Contacting a psychiatrist without negative consequences and restrictions.

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