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  1. Here you are strange. Share publicly what you will never share publicly. Chas all and ran you skeletons out of the closet to get and present for all to see.

    In any case, these will be special presentation skeletons, powdered and dressed up.

  2. Although it is shameful to call such things desires in modern political parlance, I still believe that this is a desire, and an incredibly strong one at that. I want to go through the gender transition and then look and be perceived by others as a woman.

    My secret wish, on a smaller scale, is that one day I will still dare to publicly acknowledge this wish in some other way than from a fake account on TheQuestion. This text is my training session.

  3. I want to fry my smelly unwashed sock and eat it! Always the smell of sweaty socks aroused interest, but not disgust or vomiting, as is usually the case with other people. I am not a sick person, so this wish will only be a wish and will forever remain expressed here, exclusively in printed form

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